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Rill86 Training Log

So I have just finished my 6 weeks of HP MASS. I wish I had started this log at the beginning of this phase but I will just summarize it. During the phase my weight went from 166 to 180, and my max training weights increased as follows…

Seated Press (pins): 120 - 135
Incline Thick Bar Press: 165 - 180
Thick Bar Floor Press: 180-195
Low Box Squat: 175-195
Deadlift: 275-295

All weights are in pounds. I used dumbbell shrugs, face pulls and rear delt bodyweight flies for my upper body assistance work. I used a sled and prowler for legs, including pull throughs, prowler pushes and sled drags. I also used the sled on neural charge days for lat and bicep work, and did a pure lat and bicep day 4 times during the six weeks. In the high volume weeks I sometimes split the workout into two sessions.

For workout nutrition I used 2 scoops SWF, 3 scoops Xtend, 5-10 grams Creatine and 36 grams whey protein. I wanted to get the new Anaconda/MAG-10 formula, but had already purchased SWF and didn’t have the finances. I also used ZMA at night time.

My diet was pretty basic. On leg and higher volume days I ate more carbs and higher calories overall. On low volume and neural charge days I ate maintenance calories and lower carbs. I didn’t really count my calories, just ate more or less depending on how much work I did that day.

My next phase is using complexes similar to CT’s Superhero program, which I will be starting next week.

For each complex, rest will be between 45 seconds to 75 seconds. There are four training days each week, and on the three “off” days I will do a bodyweight/neural charge workout.

Day 1 - Lower Body - Deadlift/Abs

Deadlift Pattern (3-5 rounds)

Exercise Reps
Deadlift with Chains (3-5)
Deadlift (3-5)
Power Shrug (5-6)
Tire Flip (6-8)
Kettlebell Swing (8-10)

Ab Giant Set (1-3 rounds)

L-sit (hold for as long as good form is kept)
Hanging Leg Raises (near fail)
Ab Rollout (near fail)
Weighted Decline Crunches (near fail)
BC Plank (near fail)

Endurance Move - Prowler Push (2-4 rounds)

Day 2 - Upper Body - Shoulders/Vertical Pulling Pattern

Shoulders (3-5 rounds)
Exercise Reps
Overhead Lockout (3-5)
Overhead press (5-6)
DB Alt. Push Press (6-8)
Med. Ball Toss (6-8)

Vertical Pulling (3-5 rounds)
Exercise Reps
Weighted Chin-up (3-5)
V-Bar Pulldown (6-8)
Kayak Row (5,5,5)
Med Ball Slam (6-8)

Endurance - Prowler Overhead Press superset with Prowler Pull (2-4 rounds)

Day 2 - Lower Body - Squat Pattern

Hamstring Warmup
GHR 2-3 sets
Reverse Hypers 2-3 sets

Squat Pattern (3-5 rounds)
Exercise Reps
Front Squat Lockout (3-5)
Squat with chains (5-6)
Explosive Box Squat (5-6)
Weighted Jump Squat (5-6)
Jump Squat (6-8)

Endurance Move - Sled Drag (3-5 rounds)

Day 4 - Upper Body - Bench/Horizontal Pulling Pattern

Bench Pattern (3-5 rounds)
Exercise Reps
Swissbar bench lockout (3-5)
Swissbar bench with chains (5-6)
Swissbar speed bench (6-8)
Plyo Pushup (6-8)
Medicine Ball Throw (6-8)

Horizontal Pulling (3-5 rounds)
Exercise Reps
Bent Row (3-5)
Power High Pull (5-6)
1 Arm Row (8-10)
Band Face Pull (8-10)

Endurance Move - Prowler press/pull (2-4 rounds)

Was sick for a while, then ended up at a cottage for a week.

Chest Movement (3 rounds)
SBL: 230x3, 240x3, 230x3
SB C: 120x6 - -
SB: 120x6 - -
PlyoP: 8 - -
MedBall throw (30lbs): 9 - -

Back Horizontal Movement (3 rounds)
BBR: 135x6, 145x5 -
HP: 135x6, 135x6, 135x5
1AR: 75x8 - -
Prowler pull hand over hand: 140lbs

I left out the face pulls today because it was my first workout back and I forgot them in the first two rounds lol…I think next week I will try to stick to my template a little better, but the workout felt really good today…

Squat Movement Pattern

TopHalfFrontSquat: 275x3, 265x4 -
SquatWithChains: 155x6, 175x6 -
BoxSquat: 135x8, 155x8 -
JumpSquat: 25x8, 30x8 -
Jump Squat: 8, 9, 10

GHR: 3x8
RHE: 25x3x6

Prowler Sprint: 270x2, 290x2


Vertical Pressing Pattern

Overhead Lockout: 140x3, 160x3 -
Overhead press (pins): 110x3x6
DB Push Press: 50x3x9
Medicine Ball Toss: 25x3x8

Vertical Pulling Pattern

Weighted Chin: 40x4, 40x4, 50x3
V-Bar Pulldown: 120x10, 132x8 -
Kayak Row: 48x15, 60x15, 72x15
Medicine Ball Slam: 30x3x10

Battle Ropes: 1x30 seconds


Deadlift Movement Pattern

DL C: 325x3x3
DL: 275x3x5
PSH: 245x3x6
TF: 450x3x6
KBSW: 30x10, 50x2x10

Sled Drag: 315x1, 620x2, 360x1

Ab Giant set x 1

Today’s weight: 180.5 before workout
Put on some fat at the cottage, too much sugar, same calories but in less meals. Going to lower overall carbs in the day, but keep carbs high around the workout.

Vertical Pulling Pattern

Weighted Chin: 50x3x3, 52.5x3
V-Bar Pulldown: 132x4x9
Kayak Row: 72x15, 84x3x15
Medicine Ball Slam: 30x4x10

Vertical Pressing Pattern

Overhead Lockout: 160x3, 180x3x3
Overhead press (pins): 110x4x6
DB Push Press: 55x4x8
Medicine Ball Toss: 30x4x10

Battle Ropes: 1x45 seconds


Squat Movement Pattern

TopHalfFrontSquat: 270x3x3, 275x4
SquatWithChains: 180x3x5, 175x5
BoxSquat: 155x3x8
JumpSquat: 30x4x9
Jump Squat: 4x9

GHR: 3x8
RHE: 10x3x8


Chest Movement (4 rounds)
SBL: 230x4x3
SB C: 130x4x6
SB: 130x4x6 - -
PlyoP: 4x10
MedBall throw (25 lbs): 4x10

Had a 5am wake-up and didn’t have much time for both complexes, so doing the horizontal pulling tomorrow morning.

Deadlift Movement Pattern

DL C: 325x2x3, 335x3
DL: 275x2x6, 275x7
PSH: 245x2x7, 255x7
TF: 450x2x6, 450x7
KBSW: 60x3x10

Prowler Push: 360x1, 270x1

4 hours of sleep, but still a very productive workout. Think I will increase the weights next week but stay at 3 rounds.


Vertical Pressing Pattern

Overhead Lockout: 190x2x3, 195x1x3
Overhead press (pins): 120x3x6
DB Push Press: 60x3x6
Medicine Ball Toss: 30x3x12

Vertical Pulling Pattern

Weighted Chin: 50x2x3, 52.5x4
V-Bar Pulldown: 132x1x10, 144x2x8
Kayak Row: 72x3x15 (lowered the weight by accident…)
Medicine Ball Slam: 30x3x10

Last two days (Thurs, Friday) I did some sled work and neural charge due to being burned out from 4am wakeups…I am sure I will be better adjusted to it this week…

9:00am - 08/09/2012

Squat Movement Pattern

TopHalfFrontSquat: 285x3, 295x3, 300x3
SquatWithChains: 185x3x4
BoxSquat: 165x3x7
JumpSquat: 35x3x10
Jump Squat: 3x10

No assistance work today, because I had done sled last two days. I also plan on doing an upper body later today because I have lots of time and am welllllll rested…

Also, I think the only reason I survived the last week was due to adding Elite Minerals. I can’t imagine doing these complexes on 4-5 hours of sleep and after unloading trucks at work without this added supplement.

5:00 PM 08/09/2012

Horizontal Press Movement (3 rounds)
SBL: 260x3x3
SB C: 150x2x7, 160x5
SB: 140x3x7
PlyoP: 3x9 (did these on the floor, not a tire this time so a bit more difficult)
MedBall throw (25 lbs): 3x12

I was definitely much stronger this workout in comparison to my last one. I was surprised because I thought that my Squat workout in the morning might lower my weights, but they all increased. Doing my Horizontal Pull tomorrow, hopefully for 4 rounds if I have time.

Post workout weight was 176 today.


Back Horizontal Movement (4 rounds)
BBR: 155x4x4
HP: 155x4x3
1AR: 80x4x8
FP: 60x4x10

Ab giant set

I did 25 minutes of stretching afterwards. My body felt really tight and sore from yesterdays workout, and since I am not working out tomorrow I figured lots of stretching would be good today.


Deadlift Movement Pattern

DL C: 325x3x3
DL: 285x3x6
PSH: 255x3x6
TF: 450x3x7
KBSW: 80x3x10

Prowler Push: 230x2, 330x2

Ab giant set

Cutting back calories this week to around 2000…then going to feast for two weeks…I’ve done this in the past and it has always helped me to put on some weight…still very lean at this point


Vertical Pressing Pattern

Lateral raises: 20x2x15

Overhead Lockout: 190x2x3, 185x1x3
Overhead press (lowered pins): 110x3x6
DB Push Press: 60x3x6
Medicine Ball Toss: 30x3x12

Vertical Pulling Pattern

Weighted Chin: 52.5x3x3
V-Bar Pulldown: 144x2x8, 144x1x7
Kayak Row: 84x3x15
Medicine Ball Slam: 25x3x10


9 am

Horizontal Press Movement
SBL: 275x2x3, 275x1x2
SB C:160x3x5
SB: 140x3x8
PlyoP: 3x9
MedBall throw (25 lbs): 3x12



Squat Movement Pattern

TopHalfFrontSquat: 300x3, 310x3, 325x3
SquatWithChains: 185x2x5, 185x1x4
BoxSquat: 165x3x8
JumpSquat: 35x3x9
Jump Squat: 3x10


Back Horizontal Movement (3 rounds)
BBR: 160x3x5
HP: 155x3x4
1AR: 85x3x9
Prowler Row: 190x3