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Riley Cooper's Comments


Excused from team activities to have counselling, possibly released from team. A LOT of media appearence and public excuses. all that for calling a security guard at a concert a Nigger.

They all calm themselves nigga and stuff like that. Why does it matter so much when it's a white athlete? I know he plays with a lot of african-american players (it's the NFL lol) but man, to me it is really too much attention for nothing.


Are you from the United States?


0% chance...


I'd be more ashamed of being photographed at a Kenny Chesney concert if I was him


He's a pro athlete and he was saying in a threatening way "I'll jump this fence and fight every nigger here" to a black security guard. He's held to a higher standard than us normal folk.


It is interesting that Donte Stallworth and Leonard Little were still allowed to play in the NFL after committing vehicular manslaughter which is a violent crime resulting in a human life being lost, but this guy might lose his job for being a racist.


Yeah, I wonder how much of Micheal Vick's past came into him so readily, at least publicly, accepting Cooper's apology?


Well, is the NFL going to ban him? or might the Eagles just let him go? Either way, interesting point.


They all call themselves nigga and stuff like that?


...and "you people" really don't see the problem with how you think.


Yeah I'm not from the States, but still, I understand that a pro athlete is held to higher standards than any other person, but losing your job over a rasist comment made under the influence of alcohol? I know being drunk excuses nothing, but to me a fine and some public excuses are more than enought.

Losing your pro football career over non-criminal activities is somewhat harsh I believe.


OK...I personally would think someone openly racist like that may have a bias that would affect other decisions.

That is why he was fired.

I heard his quote. He didn't mean "nigga". He stressed the "ER" like an English teacher.


It's true that the enphasis on the -ER makes it quite more racicst and harsh.


That word shouldn't be used at all, this isn't about being too PC this is about a word that has no good in it to use. It's negative and wrong and was used to degrade another human being..this is an easy one, he should be punished but not lose his job, his teammates seem to like him so that counts for a lot since he has shown to be a good guy who said a dumb trhing


Then you should understand the issue.

People aren't stupid.

I see Hispanic and white kids around me walking home using "Nigga" between themselves and other black kids...and guess what, NONE OF THEM HAVE AN ISSUE WITH IT.

If I knew some guy for a long time and this was common between us, it wouldn't matter what color he was. His RELATIONSHIP to me would make that ok.

Every idiot on the planet knows that NIGGER stressing the ER and using it in a defensive or offensive way is flat out NOT using it as a friend.

let's be real here.


I don't think you fully understand the dynamic you are referring to. While I don't think he should be banned from the NFL or anything like that, he did say something that he really shouldn't have said and yes it was hateful and I can understand him having to apologize and deal with this situation.

I played on my high schools basketball team in high school and we had a fairly evenly split demographic (if you include the JV) and I considered every one of those guys like a brother. However there are just some things you don't say. We were all close enough that in joking context a "nigga please" or something like that would be said by a white guy and it would be laughed about. However outside of the team that language was not used and also it was rarely ever used even then as it would have to be a situation where the context would be clearly understood. Saying "those/these/all you niggers" is never not a slur, no matter how you spin it.


That is your own personal opinion.

There is a whole generation that does not agree with you.

Not in all cases.

This isn't an easy one unless going strictly by the INTENT of the use of the word.


I don't think he's a racist, at all. I think he's just a dumb-ass who said something racist because he was at a country concert.

I mean, I don't like country music or people who love that shit because it automatically(probably not a good thing but just being honest) makes me think they are dumb/racist, because that's just what that type of environment breeds.

In his case, he got caught up in the moment and owned himself. Do you all really think he's racist?


I Don't know if he's an actual racist, but he does't deserve to have his life ruined over this. Yeah he fucked up and said something stupid don't give him a free pass but don't crucify him.


He might be racist. I think it is just as likely that he said the most hateful thing he could say to someone that he was having an issue with (if I am understanding this situation). I think we have all been guilty of saying things we don't necessarily mean (not really talking about the n-word here) when getting into confrontations.

And honestly, the whole country music thing you just shot out there is just really ignorant. I respect that you have your own personal biases (which you actually seemed to be aware of) but if you are aware of them, I wouldn't then continue with the stupidity of a statement that "country music breeds racism". Damn that racist Darius Rucker.


I wont even go into this from a moral standpoint, just professional. You cant say nigger, faggot or kyke in any public setting when you are a walking representation of a brand period. All NFL contracts have code of conduct clauses becasue the players again are walking representation of the brand. Kobe got a big fine for just slipping the word faggot at a straight man and got HYUGE media flak.

Dont compare this to arrests for crimes or violent nature, compare this to another industry under the same circumstance to make it apples to apples. I for example run a brand for my parent company. I am the face of that brand and within the subsegment of the industry I am in, my name and person = this brand. If somehow a trade news website or magazine publishes me dropping an N bomb recorded, you bet your ass I expect to have some severe repercusions from my employer.

A side note to your part about why cant white people say it: The same reason why I can say kyke and you cant. For me to say it decreases the power of hate that it represents. For a non jew to say it, empowers it because it is said with intent to harm, hurt or derogate.

Side note, anyone else think this was really stupid considering he plays the MOST VULNERABLE position in the NFL and I can only think of one white starting DB in the league. He needs to be worried more about losing his spleen from a violent hit than his job.