Rik be quiet

This is not a rant or a flame, I’m just trying to help. Everyone’s opinion on this forum is valuable. However, Rik, I think it is obvious that you have not been exposed to the same information as most people on this forum; and you’re opinions would be much more valuable if you would use the T-mag search engine. If you were a little more well read, people might take you more seriously. Personally I would suggest you read MASSIVE EATING part 2 so you have an idea of what kind of diet many people here follow. But, until you do, please be quiet and try not to make an ass of yourself. Would anyone else like to suggest some must-read articles for Rik?

Do a search for “Berardi” on the mag search engine and the forum search engine. Read everything that comes up under his name.

net.www.medibolicdiet.com.Search for articles by Lyle MacDonald.Bodyopus by dan duchaine.For Gods sake,only listen to people who have done the diet,and done the diet right.Because the diet takes alot of discipline,a few people have variations of macro-nutrients,but I find everyone is different and with some trial and error,you will find out how much fat you need to maintain ketosis and lean body mass.Rik,why dont you try the diet for a few weeks and give us an honest assessment.

Maybe spending one week with the computer - just reading as much of T-Mag as possible starting with the first online issue. Well, he might need more than a week. The Diet Manifesto would be a good article to read. As a matter of fact, just use “diet” in the search engine, and read whatever pops up.

Debating always leads to greater understanding. IF you dont agree with Rik just use this as an opportunity to solidify your understanding in nutrition and explain your point of view.

I think Rik had already understood the message. As i said before as far as i’m concerned he can ask whatever he wants. And i’m sure he also as some knowledge to share with us. Just dont ever say “ask a dietician” again!! We dont care about them! Ok?

I think Rik came here to “educate them dumb lifters” and was surpised to find that he was behind the times himself. Smacks of a newly “certified” ACE trainer with a chip on his shoulder to me. Yes, he needs to at least pour through the new FAQ section before posting. But that goes for everyone.

Geez, after reading some of the flames, I’m beginning to wonder if you all are interested in exchanging information and the truth. Sounds more like a lot of people are T-mag cultists. Either ignore people you don’t like or question them. If you don’t like their answers, ignore them. Simple.

Good point. I was about to jump on the “flame” bandwagon and then I realized after reading your post that a lot of time has been spent on beating the hell out of this poor schmuck. He just needs an education, and I think he’s getting it. However, I don’t think he’ll recommend this site to his friends!

Its OK, I didn’t take it all that seriously. My freinds are probably all reading this site, and laughing at me.
I am in a Uni degree now and did come from a fitness leader type course. I debated with them too. I think that many types of carbs suck personally because i get allergies (Blood Type?)from pasta (why is there only one variety of wheat, Durum) and i just seem to do better on a lower carb diet. Thats all well and good for me but i am responsible for other peoples health. From what I can see, correct me if im wrong, carbs are an efficient fuel, and probably because of this they are easily stored, not as easily as fat though? They should be more popular with distance and middle distance runners who burn large amounts of energy, and need that glycolytic burst. Also raise the intensity near and beyond the anaerobic threshold and you will hit the wall without carbs. I know gluconeogenisis occurs on protein, but isnt that less efficient? I will look into it anyway as it is close enough to my current project.
People put more effort into a lively debate, though the balanced perspective suffers.
My perspective of this site has changed. For better initially, for worse at the nature of responses to me and others, and for better that some actually want to help and justify their knowlege. For example, I went looking for that article about the dangers of ketones, (toxic, improperly burnt fat due to lo carb etc) and couldn’t find it, fuck! But i did find passages in my library that refuted all those claims. And so I learnt. As did everyone who spouts gospel and has to back it up(no offense). My time is limited so I be lazy and ask. I have only had a few days to take all this in.

I knew Rik was an exercise science student or something to that effect. I used my classes to develop an understanding of how the body works but by no means follow the training and nutrition programs recommended by my books and professors. In all honesty i dont think my formal education has helped me all that much. Ive been reading everything i could get my hands on since 1995. so when i got to college it was pretty easy. i just sat in class and listened, took no notes, didnt study, and set the curve on every test except for one. School is actually a joke compared to what i learned in the old MM2K and Testosterone.

I think i understood the other day why i got so pissed off at you. I gues by saying wath you said i associated you with all those trainers at my gym that don’t have a clue wath they are talking about. I used to have arguments with them about this carbs are essencial for your health subject, and always was hit with the same arguments you used (Food Piramid, dieticians), A few days i listened one of them (and this is the most knowlegeable of them) telling this lady that wanted to lose weight that she should have 6 meals a day, and in ALL the meals she should have either rice, pasta or potatoes. That should work really fuckin well…´

To tell you the thruth the main disavantadge of low carb diets, for me, is the way my mood suffers in the first days. I’ve been going below 50 grams a day, and i have been noticing that i’m way more intolerant than i normally am. Sorry i called you a dumb fuck.

I just want everyone to remember that having knowledge and being able to apply it are two different things. Being able to spout off something you read in a book is not the same as teaching someone else in a manner that is benifical. Also remember that temperance is a virtue.

Rik,what is it that your studying in uni?If its anything to do with physical education,GET THE FUCK OUT NOW!!!I worked at a uni for 2 years,let me tell you,the teachers are spun,so what type of education you think the students are getting?I remember a professor coming to me to find out about post-tetanic potentiation,after a long dicussion and referencing some studies,I was told I didnt know what I was talking about.As far as anything to do with nutrition,forget it.Most of the good stuff about training and dieting wont be in any school text books,so I suggest you start reading this site thoughly to keep up with the latest developments.Good luck.

Don’t change your major; you’ll need that to get a job…you have to play the game. I too am an exercise science major; all my diet and training knowledge i have aquired on my own time through outside sources. You won’t learn much at school; you might be able to grab a few nuggets here and there, but you’d probably be able to get all those “nuggets” in a single 80 minute class, as oppose to 4 years of schooling. Exercise physiology is probably the most applicable course your are going to take. I think a learned a few things in that one. Not saying this to discourage you; just want you to be aware that you need to get your information from other sources. If you really want to learn, it’s not going to happen in school or through any certification organization…At least not until me and Jason Norcross become joint founders of a “real deal” certification organization, that teaches people dieting principals and training techiniques that actually work. Sorry to just throw that on you Jay :slight_smile: Until then, learn outside of school; that’s the best advice that i can give you. Start right here with this forum and magazine…an invaluable resource.

I couldn’t agree with you more. I’m 20, and an exercise science/sports management double major. I can honestly say that I learn more on my own (either reading T-mag, sifting through most of the medical databases to which I have access, or corresponding with others via email) than I do in classes. Makes you wonder whether the degree will really justify all the work, eh? I mean, honestly, it seems that a BS, MS, or PhD is just something that you get to say that you put up with the bullshit for long enough…