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Rihanna Sounds Beautiful


Could anyone else make such a badly written hook sound so beautiful?


The BEST pop song of last year. Nothing else even comes close. So catchy, amazing beat, amazing hook, almost unnoticeable Drake verse. Perfect song. Kidding about the Drake verse, he did his job nothing more nothing less.

I agree with you that she made the hook sound better than it should have [her Caribbean patois that slips though and distinct voice do it], but I don't see how the hook is notably bad.


Mods changed my thread title.

But Rihanna sings like a goddess, and is the hottest woman in the world to top it off.


"oh na, na, what's my name" might just be the single worst sample of modern songwriting I can think of- a new low for radio music. But it sounds beautiful coming out of Rihanna's mouth.




oh na na shut the fuck up


na na na na na na na na na WORST SONG EVER


Degrassi...still gets me.


QFT. I laughed so hard when someone told me that, and now I can't imagine him rapping without that one blonde bimbo hanging all over him in a wheelchair.


I dig it.


she is the only curreent pop artist i will listen to unironically


You Americans watch Degrassi High?


This kind of music makes me feel old and curmudgeonly. I enjoy a pretty broad range of music, but I don't think I will ever "get" this autotuned ringtone-pop crap. Also, the guy sounds like he is literally retarded. I hope that isn't some weird, new musical trend.


He was the only black guy in a white person sitcom and they stuck him in a wheel chair, can't be too smart.


Watched Degrassi Jr. High back in the late 80s. Remember when Spike got pregnant?


...and to get the thread back on topic:


I don't doubt that there is a lot of simple music out there [I also don't think it's a bad thing], but I really don't think this song qualifies. Honestly this song musically is was more complex than a lot of the rock classics that nobody ever complains about. How many AC/DC or Aerosmith songs are really complex musically? This song has a great beat, this and Rude Boy have a sound that I don't hear much in pop.

A LOT of talented people are behind blockbuster pop songs. Michael Jackson worked with guys like Quincy Jones and Teddy Riley, and Rihanna works with some of today's best producers and songwriters.

I do agree with you that singers auto-tuning their voices has taken a great element out of pop music. Too many singers sound the same now, no imperfections, and unique voices are hard to come by. That said Rihanna's one of the singers that make it work. Her voice stands out from other singers.


I think her voice has an impressive range. Unfaithful, love the way you lie, this song, only girl, she can sing well in a lot of different ways. Not many artists can do that.


Yeah. I think the most epic scene of the series is when Wheels gets molested by the vacuum salesman.


But I don't like the red hair - ethnic girls need to stick to dark hair.