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Rigi's Lifting Log

Hey guys! I’m almost 17, ~170lbs, 5’11, and have been lifting for almost 1 year. I haven’t made very good progress until recently. My goal now is to have a very strong OH Press, Front Squat, and Deadlift. Also, my lower body strength is literally shit. I think it’s mainly because my lack of mobility and form.

My lifts:
OH Press 135x1 - Probably could get 140
Deadlift 255x1
Front Squats 130x3x5

Workout from today:
195 3x5

42.5 4x5 - Last set was pushed to failure, whoops

Underhand BB Rows
105 5x5 - Really easy

Reverse Lunges
75 2x8

Pull Ups
35 reps

Hanging Knee Raises 3x10

Tips and advice are always welcome