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Right Wing and The Christian Right


What do you Republicans on these forums think about the Christian Right movement taking over of the GOP? I know the Christianity has always been a factor in the party but now more then ever(at least from what i see) it is even more profound in the party to this date.

Is it good? Bad? Also why does it have such a strong foothold in the party?


There are JUST AS MANY dems who are Christians and Reps.

The LEFT has painted the right religious.


Your laboring under a misconception. In fact, in the 1980's the Christian conservatives had far more power within the republican party than they do now. Back then Jerry Falwell had an organization called "The Moral Majority". They had great influence with republicans and in fact Jerry Falwell met with Ronald Reagan on a regular basis.

Do your homework.


...Catholics have historically sided with the democrats. Even with their retarded abortion policies, and other crazy ass shit "choice" ideas they come up with.