Right vs. Left Side of Low Back

The past 2 weeks after squating the right side of my lower back is a lot more tight than the left…Does anyone know why and what i would have to do in order to fix this?

Not sure if this is happening but when I used to use a mixed grip deadlift I got this, and I actually could feel more bulk in one side of my erectors because of the grip. But I would say it is more likely a disparity in glute and or hamstring flexibility which is putting you in less than ideal positions when lifting.

I have back issues and when I start to notice one side getting jacked up all the time I go to my chiropractor and it’s usually my hips out of alignment. Flexibility could also be an issue.

Hmm…Maybe i should try alternating my grip on deadlifts…About 2 months ago i hurt the lower side of my lower back…Do you think that the right side of my back might just be compensating for a little loss of strength in the left side of my lower back?

One side of my back is tighter than the other. Things to take notice of are;
-Side bridging times on each side(are they equal?)
-Do you feel your whole abdomen from left to right to up and down burn evenly or do you feel it mostly on one side/section?
-Can you contract each glute as evenly on both sides. Test it via the single leg bridge, this’ll show your weak glute
-One quad or hip flexor is probably tight on one side
-Test to see which piriformis is tighter via stretching it and work on doing some side lying clams and fire hydrants pre-workout
-Test left vs right side strength in bulgrian split squat using bodyweight. My left is weak and unstable/balanced compared to the right

Usually testing these areas will help you pin point where the problem could be.