Right Triceps Cramp in Lockout, Problem for 9 Months

Hello everyone
I didnt warmed up and started doing Tricep pushdowns with resistance bands , and felt like a cramp during arm extension/lock out and i contracted the bicep to stop the tricep cramp , this was i march 2019 . Since that moment is imposible to do tricep Dips because my right tricep cramps and falls in the 2nd or 1st Rep during the lockout or extension , i cant sit suporting me on my right arm extended , i cant do bench dips and even when doing bird dogs my suporting arm if i put him very straight my tricep gets this cramp/burning sensation , and even 10 or 15 kg on the pulley my tricep gets that cramp in the extension/lock out so i have to stop and cant workout my tricep

But i can do Pushups (i suppse is because of the low load in the tricep) and Chest Dips until 5 reps before my rught tricep cramps (with the torso more forward so the work goes more to the chest instead of the tricep)
This is happening to me since 9 months when i want to workout my right tricep
Having some comsiderations , if this cramp is persisting for like 8 months , isnt a normal muscle cramp?instead if this is happening this so much time it could be tricep tendinitis?
My uktrasound showed my tricep fine , so , the problem could be a simple cramp?(i doubt this because a cramp goes away and dont comeback to stop you from training) or it could be tricep tendinitis that i imflamed the tendon for not warming up? Or could be another tricep injury?
I would like to know wath i have , because the tricep is my fovorite muscle to look better and this is like a nightmare :confused: pls help me!!
Postdata and highlights : injury or bad event happened in a instant , dont was over time , tricep cramp during arm extension or lock out that stop me from training the triceps

Some physios online told me that it could be tricep tendinits , and one trainer that saw me in person told me that is a simple cramp , But a simple cramp goes away and dont come back everytime you want to train

Get some second opinions I reckon. Just the length of time is odd enough to see a doc. Could be a lot of things nerve related, hydration, vascular, hyper mobility and more. Is there muscle weakness or swelling involved? @whang referral.

If good old cramping prevention does the trick than that’s what it was. Are you well hydrated, well warmed up etc.

Tendinitis would have more pain involved not so much cramping.

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Thank you for the answer :slight_smile: I got another opinions online taht told me Tendinitis for his long time happening (like 9 months)
As for nerve related ,i only feel the pain in the muscle belly of the triceps
For hydration ,i dont drink a lot of water but for the reocurrence and time coming back i dont maybe think that could it be a simple cramp
I have weakness in the lockout wheb the triceo contracts , that makes me stop training for the cramp in the concentric portion , but never had bruise or swelling (i think is a good sign)
When the event happened i didnt warned up,but warming up a lot i think that doesnt help
And the people with tendinitis wath kind of pain have ,and in wath movements? I have it in pressing kovements if my tri ep is contracted in arm extension /lockout ,the tricep instead of contracting good ,overcontracts resulting in a painful cramping , this happens EveryTime i want to train the tricep ,i heard about people that had muscle cramp but he can trin that muscle after 2 days