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Right Tricep Gets More Activation


can anyone help me understand WHY when i do tricep extensions... (the one where u have your elbow at 90 degree angle and you straight your arm down) that my right tricep gets more activation. Even if I do them one at a time.. it seems as if the one hand tricep extension gets MUCH more activation in the muscle then when I do it with the left. It feels as if its working, but when I do my left... I feel it a little, but not as much as I do it with the right... any theories?


It's so called RTGMA theory...


If it's your non-dominant arm, I would say it has something to do with mind-muscle connection not being as strong in that arm. You might try, while doing one-arm extensions, to touch your tricep with the other hand. This should help "activate" the muscle more.


nice one.



Also, not sure if others would agree, but I feel that using a straight bar will force both arms to utilize the same force more so than a rope.


I think you're bullshitting yourself.

Check how your shoulders are when you're lying down. See if one is leaning forward a lil bit. also check if your elbows are stickin' or if one is flaring out more than the other.