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Right Trap Bigger, Firing Too Soon

The right trapezius and right erectors on my back are larger than the other side.

I’m sure both are related to my injured left wrist and holding the bar about an inch higher on the left side in the snatch, press, etc.

But now I have removed any exercises that irritate the wrist and my right trap has developed an improper firing pattern.

I raise my arms up from my sides and on the left side, my trapezius starts contracting at about 90 degrees, or parallel to the ground.

When I do the same for the right side, the trap fires about 20 - 30 degrees below parallel, and is larger and more dominant.

I was thinking about single arm shrugs on the right side for a while, but I feel that will only cure the symptom, not the cause.

what type of mobility movements and streches, or exercises can i do to get my right trapezius to start working properly?

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I got same problem, from carrying a heavy bag on one shoulder it made that particular trap a lot stronger (also stretched it out and pulled my shoulder down) and many months later i’m still having problems.

If i Could just find out how to shorten it again, not make it so damn stiff and make my shoulders level i’d be good to go, easier said than done though.

I have the same thing going on, only a mirror image. (lefty dominant)

[quote]bushidobadboy wrote:
You know, I would love to be able to do a proper 1-to-1 screen on you, but without that, this sounds like a tricky proposition, lol.

Very interesting, though.


What is a 1-to-1 screen?

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I have a chiro appointment in 4 hours, I’m going to bring this up