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Right Stack of Prohormones

I want to do at least a one month cycle of prohormones legal hgh’s and something like Tridenosen-h to drop my fat and get back to my normal weight which is about 145 then put about ten pounds of strong muscle on in the next month or month and a half and was wondering if anyone would know a good stack within my price range which is only about 115 bucks for my first months stack. I may only be able to get two of the three but want to make sure i dont get bad ones and i’ve been looking for over a month and havent found out what really sounds like it works and what sounds bunk.

I am 5’7 and was raised to box and wrestle and used to train lifters and took androstene but haven’t trained for about 4 years now and have become out of shape and overweight so i would like to boost my testosterone, my hgh and get something to help with my stamina at least til i get back in shape and would appreciate any help in this area!

What’s “legal hgh’s”?

$115 won’t get you very far when you consider the price of PCT on top of the steroids themselves.