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Right Split to Maximize my Training?


Im 18yo and have been training seriously for about 9 months. I have made quite a lot of progress and my training style has evolved from 2 or 3 full body sessions a week each incorporating a squat or deadslift, a chest movement, one for back and one for shoulders, all compound, and not much else to an upper/lower split when i stopped progressing on the full body workouts.

However, my legs are far better developed than my upper body (esp my chest and shoulders), and I think that this current split is not ideal for correcting this.

I train 4 days a week and am trying to figure out the best way of splitting up my body (aside from arms and calves and leg exts, I don't do any isolation exercises as I dont feel they are worth my time at the moment, so I don't need a "shoulder" day with 3 different lateral movements; i feel frequency of overhead presses serves me better).

One thing I have thought of is a leg and delts workout and chest and back workout (with arms and calves trained when I feel appropriate at the end of these workuts). I know this seems unorthodox but what do you guys think? or do u think I should try a 3 day split, and if so what?

thank you.


if your delts are lagging, iso exercises are your friend. bodybuilders always do and suggest some form of lateral. also, check out that article on the delt triad. supersetting laterals and presses at the end of a workout might shock some growth out of you.


imo, one of the themes in the alpha shoulder round table was more volume during sets. check out that thread, alpha cell threads in general are pretty helpful.


ok thanks for the tips on shoulder training, but what I really wanted your guidance on was how to split up my training.



chest, back, shoulders, arms, legs, rest day, repeat.

Don't fucking ignore lateral raises/rear delt raises and don't ignore arm training.

P.S - how do you feel that a frequency of overhead pressing serves you better when you say your upper body is lagging, and you've only been training for 9 months?


bodypart 2x week are good, one of the splits in Arnold's encyclopedia of bodybuilding is

Day off

That's a typical week. other programs like 5/3/1 are more movement based 4 day/week. 5/3/1 has been pretty successful with a large spectrum of people, beginners and advanced. there's a good article here on t-muscle that explains it pretty well. i'd check that out


goodfellow - i dont ignore arm training, im sorry if i didnt make myself clear, but i dont think that an entire workout for arms is justified when that workout could be used for squatting say. but you're right, obviously i dont have years of experence so i accept all advice!

from what I have read here on T-Nation, training a bodypart more than once a week is going to be more beneficial for someone of my training experience (provided that poundages on core lifts for each bodypart are increasing) than the kind of split that you have suggested. but after all, i asked for help, so thank you


Just some food for thought...
If your legs are well ahead of your upper body as you say, why would you feel that an extra day should be dedicated to squatting and not bringing up those twigs protruding from your torso?


ok thanks for feedback - i think i am going to try the split ufgator recommended - chestand back, legs, delts and arms. i like this bcos i always like training chest and back back to back, and because i think my shoulders will respond better being trained on a separate day to chest.

out of interest tho, has anyone ever had any luck with 2 day splits other than the standard upper/lower?