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Right Side vs Left Side


When I'm working out my right side works a lot harder than my left. It gets tired faster and as a result my left pec and my left bicep are lacking behind my right side a lot. More so my bicep than my pec, but it really gets on my nerves and looks pretty stupid if you as me.

Just wondering if you had any tips while I'm doing my regular lifts to help combat this?

Trying to figure out if there is something other than just over working my left side when I'm done working out.


Make sure to do any single arm exercises with your left first. That worked for me.


Use dumbbells as much as possible to make sure each arm is carrying its own load. Stand in front of a mirror and make sure your form is symmetrical.

I'm not fond of the notion of working your weak side more after your workout. If you can bring up a lagging body part with this technique, it means you weren't working everything hard enough in the first place. Try it, though, and if you can make good gains in the weak arm, add more work to the strong arm once they're even.


Yeah I'm not a fan of that either, basically what I was trying to avoid. but yeah my i dislocated my left shoulder when I was in high school and it just never caught back up with my right because I was stubborn and didn't rehab it right.

Thanks for the advice though. I tried the left arm thing tonight and I could tell a difference.


So, yea, nuff said. Who knew 2009