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Right Side Stronger Than Left Side


I tried to find a topic similar to this but could not figure a clear cut answer. Basically, I've been doing grip training as well as Kroc Rows and I can do a lot more reps with my right hand as opposed to my left hand. In my position what would you do to balance this out?

I am under the impression that I just do as many reps as I can do with my left hand and then just do the same amount with my right hand? Eventually, my left will catch up to my right and then I'll be able to work them both in the same rep ranges. Should I just do as many with my left and then do as many with my right even though there is a discrepancy between the two? Thanks for any advice you can provide.


Would not worry about this unless you have a lot of mass and are planning on entering a show some time soon, you are a beginner, worry about gaining mass all over first.

However, if you insist, I would consider doing more DB work, also train your weaker limb first so if you were doing kroc rows start with your left arm get 8 then do the same with your right as you stated. It will work itself out once you start consistently training.


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Got it. Thank you. I have made small progress since then but just started incorporating grip work and Kroc Rows and was just wondering how to do the sets with those.