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Right Side of Body Bigger/Joint Imbalance


About 6 months ago I noticed my right back muscles getting bigger than my right. About 2-3 months ago my right shoulder felt like it was more forward and was making my right chest get bigger than my left. I stopped working out, only doing pull ups/push ups/run (PT test). Last week I went to the gym for a leg workout, but only my right glute/leg were pumped.

I have worked out for about 4 years now and never had this problem. I used to have a good physique, but this problem is affecting everything/ I noticed my right hip was higher and when I lean up against the wall my right side touches before the left. I would really like to fix this because it's asthetically/mentally/physically affecting me. My body is so imbalanced now, and I don't know why. My posture is destroyed and even standing feels strange.


It’s common, very common actually.
Best thing you can do is see a professional.
Perhaps a corrective exercise specialist or a chiro.
You’re gonna need very specific corrective exercise programs, lots of myo, and unilateral training.

How does this imbalance occur? Modern lifestyle, inactivity, habits, walking/movement pattern, and just being unaware… Until it gets bad enough that it either causes injury or discomfort.


Some great info here…

I love the leg routine,1 leg, 1 leg, 2 legs. And it looks like good inspiration for an upper body set up too.