Right Side Erector Pain

Hey, lately I have been having this dull ache and pain on my right spinal erector in my lumbar region. The pain is very dull ,almost unoticebale but intensifies when I squat and deadlift or any bent-over exercises (my form is not the problem). My current warm-up consists of the anterior tilt workout that Mike R. outlines in “Fixing Your Force Couples”…ill post it here for quick reference…

Foam Rolling:
Glutes, hamstrings, calves, adductors, quads, TFL/ITB, peroneals (additional focus on glutes/hams)

Static Stretching/Activation:
1A) Doorway Hamstring Stretch, 2 sets of 20 second holds �?? paired with
1B) Psoas Activation, 2 sets of 5 repetitions
2A) Piriformis Stretch, 2 sets of 20 second holds �?? paired with
2B) Side-Lying Clam, 2 sets of 10 repetitions

Knee Hugs, Pull-Back Butt Kicks, Single-Leg RDL, Cradle Walks, Squat-to-Stand, Toy Soldiers

I also do a series of static stretches post-workout including psoas, piriformis, quad, ham and 90/90 stretch. The pain is not present until I begin lifting with any amount of weight and has caused me to cease lower body work (deadlifts especially). My best guess is that I have a strong imbalance somewhere ( I do a lot of sitting throughout the day) and I need to correct this.

My hamstrings are especially tight which might be the culprit but doesn’t explain why I only get pain on my one side. If anyone has any ideas and/or some suggested exercises or stretches I could really use your help. And also I have zero pain during single-leg exercises such as walking lunges and split squats. Thanks for your help


[quote]bushidobadboy wrote:
Stick up an anatomical image of the pelvis and lumbar spine.

Circle the area you feel is painful.


Heres a picture of the pain area circled in yellow. Theirs no pain in my spine, just in the right side lower back muscles. Also if it helps at all, if I do a little self “massage” with my thumb I find there to be no pain if I’m pressing directly on the erector but if I press against it from a sideways angle it is painful and feels tight. Also, if I’m sitting for more than 10 minutes and then stand the muscles feel really tight but the pain dissapears after only about 20 seconds of standing. Sorry for my lack of anatomical knowledge, hope that helps tho.

The pic is just something I pulled from google images from a site selling science models. But anyway I just realized I made a typo in my original post, I put that I had a posterior tilt, but I meant to write anterior. Definetly something that built up over the years of constant sitting. My hamstrings are especially tight, I also have a lot of trouble doing russian twists and similar motions. Thanks for the help so far Bushy


hey man i think i may have the exact same problem

im seeing a chiro tuesday, he’s a smart chiro knows his shit when it comes to lifting…