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Right Shoulder Smaller Than Left


Hey guys i've been training for about a year now and recently i noticed that my left shoulder is significantly bigger than my right(specifically the lateral head of the deltoid).after my shoulder workout i'm doing a couple sets of DB side raises and upright rows with only my right hand and i wondered if anyone could suggest anything else that would help my right shoulder catch up to my left one.



Most common reason would be a difference in form between left and right. Video yourself from the front and side during shoulder movements and look for differences in hand and elbow positions. Dumbbell shoulder press is a great lift for this.


Are you left handed?

Did you/do you play sports that require throwing?

Those are pretty common reasons for one side being bigger than the other in a newbie.

Those imbalances should become less noticeable as you gain overall mass


Thanks for the input guys,i'll try some of those techniques next time i train.


This type of thing is actually fairly common. I'm right handed. A couple years ago I noticed my right lat was a bit fuller than my left one. (I can throw the shit out of a ball) I also noticed that my left bicep had a slight bit more of a peak then my right. When I did pulling or pressing with a barbell from then on, I tried to pay attention to if I was using one side more than the other. Sure enough I was exerting more force from my left side. So when I did my auxillary lifts I would use dumbells but only one at a time. I did seated db presses with one arm and rested the other at my side. Same idea with pulls and db bench...everything...What the other two said on here is right on too. Odds are it will even itself out with some work. I can guarantee that it's probably not even noticable.


i have the same problem with my right trap and the peak on my left(funny that my right looks bigger but theyre the same size in inches), the answer: work your right shoulder more. Jaypierce said it could be form, which was a kind of an eye opening DUH moment for my problems, so work on those.