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Right Shoulder Problem

For the past couple of weeks, my right should has become increasingly more painful to work with. And yesterday’s bench day was the last straw. I’ve been trying to do some research on here, but I couldn’t really figure out anything definite. The pain has become somewhat acute, and it seems to be towards the front of my shoulder, where it is attached to my collar bone and even into my chest.

It hurts/ is really tight to raise my right arm above my head. It also hurts to hold out my arm and twist my hand inwards, towards my chest. As of today, it even hurts to move my notebook from my desk into my book-bag. I don’t want to stop lifting, but any advice would be greatly appreciated.

I plan on laying off the pressing movements until it starts to feel better, but I was hoping that someone on here could give a good guess at what is wrong and recommend specific exercises/ stretching or whatever to help rehabilitate my bum shoulder.

Side-note: there wasn’t a specific incident that injured my shoulder; it just seems to have gone from an annoying tightness to a full-blown problem…

That is called impingement. You just described it exactly. Stop benching. Go see a physical therapist. If he or she talks a lot about fixing your posture (specifically shoulder roundedness and t-spine stuff), scapular stabilization, and scapular upward rotation, you are probably seeing the right person. Bonus if he/she throws in diaphragmatic breathing.