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Right Shoulder Pain While Doing Dips


Hi there,

my right shoulder (I'm right handed) hurts like a mofo when I do dips (ring dips). At the bottom of the dip when my upper arm is parallel with the ground, the head of the shoulder appears to pop forward. The left shoulder doesn't have the same issue.

The right shoulder blade at rest sits abducted, and elevated with the acromium process moved anteriorly towards my nipple (think of a small pocket formed in the upper outer third of my pec.

What is this? My rhomboids suck? Anyone know a decent protocol to fix this?




Sounds like poor scapular positioning and stability. It also seems like you are getting impingement syndrome during the bottom portion of the dips, where your GH joint is going into full extension, which may be due to the biceps tendon and/or rotator cuff being inflamed and due to the impingement occurring due to the poor scapular positioning, movement, and stability.

Check your T-spine ROM, serratus anterior, rhomboids/lower traps, and read this article: http://www.tmuscle.com/free_online_article/sports_body_training_performance_repair/pushups_face_pulls_and_shrugs


Thanks, LevelHeaded, I'll be trying that today.




i have ac joint separation in my right arm and it's no fun at all, and i hurt it doing weighted dips. it was a pretty serious injury, i'm in my second stint of rehab after one month of therapy (12 visits) and a month of unsupervised rehab on my own doing exercises, with push ups as the center of the routine. i tried to work around it and made it worse so if i were you, i'd make sure i'm 100% before i hit the gym again