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Right Sacrum Pops, Deadlift

When I finish a set of deadlifts or bent-over rows my right sacrum pops.

It doesn’t hurt during the exercise but when I come out of the deadlift stance to stand up and walk away from the bar I get the pop.

Any thoughts as to the usual suspects ( shitty right hip stabilizers, shitty QL, etc.)?

Just be happy it isn’t your left sacrum.

[quote]toxicology wrote:
Just be happy it isn’t your left sacrum.[/quote]

Haha. To the OP, you only have ONE sacrum. Your “pop” is either a shifting of your sacrum against your ilium or you have it confused and it is popping about the femur-acetabulum junction. In either case, no pain = no problem (yet). If there is significant instability, catching, grinding, or pain then see a doctor.

If you are just curious, or better yet cautious, then I would see a doctor. It could be a number of things.