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Right Program for Strength?

First off Let me state I’m not a powerlifter or atleast not a competative one, but I’m trying to gain strength.

My best gym lifts as of 4 months ago are
Deadlift: 350x5x5
Bench: 255x5x5
Squat: 405x5x5

My current maxes (most recent) are
Squat: 410
Deadlift: 380

Obviously I’ve gotten weaker.

I’m running Madcow Intermediate at the moment. I ran the Advanced version for 2 weeks, but was doing it High Bar method. Before Madcow Advanced I ran the Basic template for Westside Barbell and because I didn’t know how to run westside I lost a ton of strength ( I made the mistake of maxing out on ME days and doing too low of a percentage for DE days, really big mistake, but it was my first time running it and I didn’t know any better).

I ran Westside first, for 2 months, then Madcow advanced for 2 weeks (high Bar squats and had power cleans and High pulls because I went in with the idea that I would work on my power cleans)(I ran high bar because I thought it would help me hit better depth it kind of did).

I’ve been running Madcow Intermediate after asking for advice on Bodybuilding.com forums. They said run Madcow, but my problem is that Mentally I don’t feel like the program is working for me because I’ve fallen behind so much on my lifts.

I also feel that I’m too strong for Madcow Intermediate. Lately however, my form has been terrible, and I could hardly lift what used to feel like a sack of feathers.

If someone could help me out and provide advice, what should I do? I’m thinking of just doing my own program for a while where I just focus on mostly on just lifting with split days one day bench, one day squat, one day deadlift, and one day OH press or shoulder work. I’ve had really good gains with splits.

The problem is I’ve just started Madcow although really I’ve been running it for about a month know if you count Madcow advance.

Should I stick with the program although I’m not mentally with the program or should I do a program where I’m mentally with it?

It’s hard to get decent advice, so please if you can be helpful, then give me some suggestions or explanations of why I should do what.

I want to make gains. I want to bring my total back up to where it was, and I want to get stronger.