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Right Pectoral Has a Slight Burn Pain with Muscle Spasm

I think the injury cane from dumbbell dresses that I was just starting to work into my routine I think I used the way that might have been a little bit too heavy and while I did not find or feel any strains at the time the pain did hurt later on that evening.

I can’t seem to put my finger on it what will trigger that spasm in that sharp burning pain I’ve tried going back and doing the exact workout that I did when I received the injury and that was chest bench incline and flies and I think the Flies might have had something to do with it or the barbell bench press

These last few days I went on with my normal routine playing close attention to see if anything I was doing was out of the ordinary and all the exercises I was able to do with no problem except when I get this muscle twitch that’s when it seems too bring on that part of the PEC that just burns and almost starts from will the very outside of the PEC by the underarms and then shoots across in a line over the nipple towards the center of the chest

I would appreciate any info or advice from anyone who has experienced anything like this