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Right Needle Size for IM?

Currently using 1CC 25G 5/8". Is this long enough to get into the muscle (glutes and quads)? Just want to make sure. Thank you in advance.

Protocol: EOD Test Cyp 26-27ml.

Depends on how lean you are but generally speaking I would use 1" for glutes. Anything shorter, I would probably save for quads and delts

I would use at least an inch there.
I personally found that 1/2 for me is totally ineffective for delts and inject even there with 3/4 or one inch. I dont know why for one inch I cannot find 27g, but there is 27g inch and a half?!

How much is too much for shallow IM injection?

For ex: can i inject like .625 (125mg) test using a 1/2 inch insulin needle into shoulder or quad?

My wife puts a cc in my delt with 1/2 inch 27 guage with no problem

Thanks. I’m currently trying a higher TRT dose (250mg/week split into two) and just hate having to use a harpoon instead of my nice insulin syringes.

27 g is pretty small, nothing like slin pin but they also don’t take forever to push thru.

You could also reduce the volume and inject 3 times/week


I’ve never done such a high dosage. I’m trying it just to see if i can trigger SOME sort of libido. I’ve been around the block with TRT and nothing yet has really worked.

Maybe i just need a higher dose. I don’t know…

Fingers crossed for something.

I meant that you could split the 250/week into 3 shots if you wanted to.

Masteron works for this. Its now part of my cruise. I’m only running 100mg/week of Masteron due to cost.

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Thanks… I’m pretty lean; next to no body fat. Maybe that’s the issue; I’m not getting enough T into the muscle tissue. I’ve been using 5/8 (0.625) since February. I have another box on order already so I can’t change those but I’ll buy another box of 1" and see if that changes anything for the better.

I doubt this is the issue. Even subQ makes it way into the blood. Are you taking in AI for E2 control?

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For me sub q suddenly stopped working. I felt like shit and levels started dropping. But even when they were high I didnt feel as well and at one point my total t was 700 after the same protocol of sustanon that in the beginning put me at 1100 six weeks after staring the protocol(ye sustanon needs more time to build up but in both cases was 6 weeks)

It also seems that its not only the blood levels that determine how you feel but the lifecycle of the compound in your body. And in IM and sub q they may differ a lot.

Shallow IM seems for not lean people like me as variable as sub q

What’s your current dosage and protocol?

Also, do you have recent labs?

I was in the same boat as you, hit or miss libido and some ED issues (going soft during the act) My dose was 140mg Test C, (70mg 2x/week), IM. I also tried increasing the dose but never really achieved a great libido.

The more I read on here and some other forums helped me figure out that me being a lowish SHBG guy meant I needed more frequent injections and a lower dose. And sometimes more isn’t necessarily better. Remember, the average male produces around 5-10mg of testosterone per day, so at the low end that’s 35mg and the high end it’s 70mg.

At trough, my TT was around 1200, free T was around 32 ng/dL), E2 was 62 and SHBG was 18. So on paper my numbers were good but still no libido or erection quality.

So I went down to 100mg per week and I shoot every other day now instead of every 3.5 days. I also shoot sub-q and I vary my weekly dosages. For example, week 1 I shoot 100mg, the next week, I shoot 110mg, the week after I shoot 120mg. Then I start back at 100mg. It sounds more complicated that it really is.

It made all the difference. I’ve been on this protocol for about 4 months and libido is raging, erection quality is like when I was a teen and wood every morning without fail.

There’s a post on here (that’s really long) but it had some info that helped me out tremendously.

Difficulties in Achieving Orgasm

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When I did IM, I used both 27g and 28g 1/2" into quads no problem. Warming the vial in some warm water makes it flow easier.

No I’m not taking anything else but Test. Maybe it disperses faster when it doesn’t get to the muscle and pushes more into the bloodstream. Therefore a sensitivity problem. Just guessing at this point… but I’m going to go with the longer needle. Nothing to lose really.

Thanks… I’ve been doing a lot of glutes lately and it could be the reason (small needle size) that there’s an absorption problem (ie. too much at once) if I’m missing the deeper muscle tissue.

I inject .60ml every day in the lateral delts (switch sides each day) using a 28-30g 1/2 inch needle 1CC insulin syringe. No issues for the last 10 weeks.


That’s the size I have. Just thinking it would take awhile to load and inject. And not be deep enough for such a volume.

Glutes 23ga 1.5" needle for IM. Quads 25ga 1" is what I use. I prefer 23ga for glutes as its still easy to draw/inject but pretty much painless. Quads are little more sensative so I used the 25ga but still draw with a 23ga before swapping the needle. 5/8 is prob ok for quads but too short for glutes IMO.

I even been using 25g 5/8” for 7 years now. Works fine for me.