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Right Leg Stronger in the Squat


Hi guys, Recently I've been squatting and my right leg is pushing up faster than my left causing the bar to tilt down on the left side.
Anyways to fix this imbalance?


Stop squatting improperly?
Like, really man?

Seriously though, just focus on stabilizing and evenly placing the weight on each leg during your squat.
I seriously doubt you have a strength imbalance bad enough to do this, in fact, I don't really think it's possible.. I've squatted with a torn ACL in my right knee, and I never squatted diagonally..
You're just leaning more of the weight on to one of your legs, all you gotta do is even out.

Work on your squat, don't try and throw a whole shitload of single leg work into your program to fix a non-existent imbalance, unless that's your thing.
How much do you squat anyway?


I was asking if there would be a need to do single leg work, or deload the weight to help with form, and which option would be better or more effective. 2 minds are better than 1. It's always good to hear from more experienced lifters who may have gone through the same thing.
EDIT: thanks, your ninja edit was a good read.
My "tipsy" bar problem comes when I start going over 2 or 3 reps on 255+. I've done 315 for 2 and 320 for 1 and there wasn't a problem.
So I guess lowering the weight and getting the form better would be best? doing single leg would be a new thing to me.
. Thanks


Video would help.

Most of the times, it is lack of proper form. Usually has nothing to do with "imbalance".

But yeah, Video.


^This would help^

I had the same problem for my upperbody.. I didn't really do anything too special fix it, i just stayed at weights where the imbalance didnt occur and it kinda naturally fixed itself.


I tried uploading a video onto youtube but its broken for some reason, I'll try recording one again if necessary, but the problem kind of fixed itself when i covered up the mirror in front of the squat rack. Maybe it was just my head messing with me when I look into the mirror, trying to fix problems that aren't there.


It doesn't sound completely like an imbalance problem. It sounds like you're not tight underneath the bar, and you're favoring one side coming out of the hole not necessarily because of a strength imbalance, but maybe because of a flexibility or coordination imbalance as well.

Keep doing squat, but just make sure that you're doing SOME unilateral work. You don't need a fleet of them; just try throwing in three sets of Rear Foot Elevated Split Squats into your routine on lower body days. I'm guessing that initially you won't even feel comfortable doing ten reps with your weak leg at first, but what I would suggest is that instead of basing the load on your weaker leg, base it off of your strong leg.

So let's say you can only get 7 good reps with your left leg and you can do 10 with your right. Don't just do 7 reps with either leg. Do 10 with your right, 7 with your left, and then do 5 more with your left for good measure.

Eventually the balance will work itself out if you don't just ignore it.


You have no choice but to give up.


You're a dickhead and it doesn't even make sense here.

I am wondering what prompted you to think about this? Is it just the bar being uneven? That could be caused by the way the bar is sitting on your shoulders.

If it was a legitimate strength imbalance I would imagine that it would get MORE pronounced with a 1 rep max, not less.


Yea, if the bar is even one inch too far to the left, then your right leg is now lifting maybe as much as 5% less, if not more. Just set up like youo normally would, have someone stand behind you, and have them tell you if the bar is centered on your back.


Obsidian and thogue, it wasn't a bar placement issue. At first that's what my training partner said but the issue was still there even after taking five minutes to set up correctly. I resolved the issue when I covered up the mirror in front of the squat rack.

I think my initial problem was I focused too much on the mirror and looking at the depth on the mirror, rather than actually feeling the squat. Also it there was a tightness problem in the hole too, due to my concentration on the mirror rather than myself. Thanks for the advice guys.