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Right Leg Imbalance?

Ok fellas here is the situation:

When I do squats, (front, back, overhead) my right quad muscles feel a little more pump that my left. Also, my right leg looks a little bit more defined than my left leg, especially in the area around the knee.

Another thing that happens when I do hanging leg raises, the quad muscle that keeps the tibia & tibula straight gets sore faster than my left.

I don’t know what’s up… one thing I do know is that when I dance/grind at the club I tend to put most of my weight on my right leg. And I dance a lot… So maybe that may have something to do with it.

any tips?..
THX in advance

6 weeks of bulgarian split squats and single leg deadlifts really helped me hammer out some imbalance issues. During those 6 weeks I never did a conventional squat or deadlift. Just now cycling them back in and I feel alot stronger (braver?)and much more stable. More flexibility in the hips too (my pre-post mobility stretch work was mainly focused there as well during this time).

My suggestion would be to at least work some single leg variations into your routine.

Hope it helps.

My suggestion would be to get it checked out by a professional if you think you have a significant imbalance. It could be indicative of activation left/right imbalances and not just strength imbalances, that is, your one leg is bigger because your one hip doesn’t fire as much as the other, shifting the stress onto the leg. Sometimes unilateral leg work will just make imbalances worse when this is the case. If your left leg shifts work onto your quad, and your right leg distributes the weight evenly, your left leg quad is still going to be bigger doing lunges and step ups.

In short, if you think the size difference (sometimes indicative of some muscular strength / firing imbalance) is only going to get worse, go to a qualified trainer who knows his/her stuff about muscular imbalances and get an rehab program.

Work on your mobility with dynamic stretching and get yourself a foam roller for soft tissue work. When in the gym, add some lunges, step ups, single leg squats and deadlifts to your routine.

Well I’ve been making sure I keep my wieght and the bar’s weight on both legs on the up. And that has help on avoiding the right quad from doing most of the work.

I will include some lunges and single leg Dls to my workout.
…just one thing… I don’t know how to do One Leg Deadlifts…

Barbell hack squats and trap bar squats/deadlifts (if you have access to one) allow me to control distribution of the weight better than back squats. My left leg was drifting out in front of my right and I used these to concentrate on the right one. Mostly barbell hacks actually as I just got the trap bar, but either one is good for this. At least for me.