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Right Lat Pain After DB Row



Following my heavy row's today I get home and there's a sharp pain in the lower part of the muscle. I attribute this to poor form, but I was going for a new PR. (100s) Besides keep resting it, should I be worried? I'm gonna drop 10 lbs off them and see how they feel next week. It's not terrible pain but its uncomfortable when I'm sitting, fine when its stretched.

I searched for this and found nothing.


Hi! Wait and see what happens? BTW, what's your sets/reps scheme?


It was supposed to be 5x10, but it ended up being 4x8 cause of how taxed I was.


So do you use the same weight in all sets or work up to the last, heaviest set?
I'm asking because I'm just curious how people do their DB rows. BTW, how's your back?


little pains go away. i can't remember the last time my back didn't have a little tweak in it after hitting it hard


Yes. It's my favourite bodypart to work because it feels the most worked for days afterwards.

As long as your form isn't ridiculous and you don't have any pre-existing back problems, you might just be over-reacting. Do some stretches on your lats (search the site of google some) and see how that feels.


Agreed with all the above: the odds are vastly in favor of it being just a temporary problem.

However, taking it as a wake-up call to avoid anything that you consider a mistake that may have caused the problem, would be a wise thing to do.

That said, "poor form" with rows rarely is likely to cause problems with the lats. I would tend to blame form if there was an awkwardness, a really unsmooth pull, or an overly sharp reversal (practically dropping the negative, then snapping it right back.)


My guess is that you're torquing your torso when you're doing one armed rows.


If it didn't bother you then and there and there is no visible or palpable defect in the muscle then chances are there's no major damage. Ice it and learn a lesson from it.