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Right in the Ego


So at rugby practice today we were doing fireman's carries, and I got paired up with a prop (the rather larger fellows on the rugby team). Anyways, after the exercise one of the guys on team came up to me and said "What do you weigh? About 160?". By no means am I big, but at 5'9 210, I think I look slightly larger than 160. I guess it's time to start eating more (although I am bulking).


Seems like a HYYYYOOOGGEE miscalulation.


only a little HYYYOOOOGEE. I'm gonna say it was due to me standing far away, that must have been it.


i'm 5'8 190 and i don't look anywhere near 160 ... i think ole boy needs to get his eyes checked out ... there's no way you look 50lbs lighter than you are ... unless you have enormous legs and you were wearing Hammer Pants because they're the only ones that fit


Well, my lower body is much much stronger than my upper. I've squatted 450 for 3, whereas I'm barely benching 200.


What position do you play?


I'm calling bullshit on those squats being anywhere near paralell.

Almost 2.5x BW squat for 3, but can't bench your bodyweight?!


I've played hooker, right now I'm playing inside/outside center.


Ah, the interwebs.

I just happen to be rather good at squats. But if it helps you, that bench is from the bottom position (using a squat rack) which is much harder. I've always loved squatting and I detest benching.

I'm also working on my squats from the bottom, because I was barely breaking parallel with normal squats and I've found that this way I can't cheat. Suffice it to say, my squat numbers have gone down from 450. That was just my PB.


yea man ... and your profile says you bench 225 .. wat up wit dat man?



It was my regular bench. Too lazy to change it.


just bustin your chops brutha


No worries.




That's a kickass cat.