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Right Hip Sits Higher Than Left


Hey guys please help. I have been to physical therapist. PT found out that I have a slight lateral pelvic tilt which causes my SI joint to work incorrectly and cause spasm into low back. I went there because of SI joint spasm that makes it difficult to work in farm where there is a lot of shovelling or (any general lifting) done.

PT told I can fix this on my own and I have to. My right hip is higer than my left, and right shoulder is lower than left + some small scoliosis in thoracic area.

PT reccomended the following: Strenghten lower traps where sholder is higher. Stretch the side where one hip is higher, strenghten obliques where hip is lower and also abductors where hip is lower (basically lying on my side and lifting both legs up and also upper back).

But I need more....I need your advice about which muscles should I stretch, foam roll and strenghten to get my pelvic back even again. BTW I NOT HAVE LEG ASSYMMETRY (TODAY ATLEAST).

I found this pic which is completely opposite to what my PT told (pic is at the beginning of the post). Also I found this intresting article, but I do not know if it is 100% correct and if my PT is 100% correct. Please give me some advice.



The picture is fairly accurate.

With that said, you are way overthinking this. How about this...start walking and sitting with even shoulders and hips...

If you start walking with even hips and shoulders you will:

-Loosen the tight abductors
-Strengthen the weak abductors
-Loosen the tight adductors
-Strengthen the weak adductors
-Loosen the tight delt
-Strengthen the weak delt
-Loosen the tight trap
-Strengthen the weak trap

I think you get the idea.

Stop thinking muscles so much and start thinking movements. Correct movements and you correct muscles. Correct muscles and nothing is guaranteed.


Lateral pelvic tilt would sound like a great explantation...if your body were as flat as a sheet of paper.
In reality, the body often experiences torsion, which may look like 'lateral tilt' in a 2-D plane. It is actually MUCH more complex than that.

You should start addressing your foundation first, which is your pelvis. You woundn't start repairing a crooked house frame with it setting on a crooked foundation, would you?

Refuse to accept any Simpleton explanation until you've researched a few expert's views.
Here's a major contributor to this site: http://www.T-Nation.com/free_online_article/sports_body_training_performance_repair/neanderthal_no_more_part_i

Dig deeper. There are many, many things to consider and discover. Everything that you do should have a reason behind it. You can fix this yourself, but, it will require a significant investment of your time.


Has anyone mentioned you have a scoliosis in the past?


Yes, slight scoliosis in thoracic spine area. Doctors say it is not a big deal as it is not in lower back region.


No, no has anyone mentioned in everyday life that you have a scoliosis, did your mum notice it as you were growing for example.




You drive a car much? Got bucket type seats in it?


while laying down, slowly try to make one leg longer than the other. So slowly that anyone watching couldn't see you moving. Do this for a few minutes all the time. When falling asleep, when first waking up, mid day if you can


No, none of that.


I know this was 3 years ago- but have you had any success? This is literally the EXACT same issue I have. Please let me know- I would really appreciate it.


For the hips

Every day, 2-3 times

  1. Hip Hikes
  2. Clam Shell with “Elitefts Short Mini-Band” around knees
  3. Seated Psoas Hold, with hand around knees
  4. Glute Bridge with hand around knees
  5. Peterson Step Ups

8 reps each exercise for each side. Work on holding and squeezing top positions. Try as hard as possible to move symmetrically and evenly.


In the gym

1 arm half kneeling press
1 arm half kneeling shrug

1 arm kettlebell swing
Standing Psoas Raise

1 Leg Extension
1 Leg Curl
1 Leg seated calf raise

3 sets of 8 on each side.

For the half kneeling stuff, start with 1 knee up and 1 knee down. Do 4 presses, and 4 shrugs, then switch arms. Then switch legs your legs and repeat. So you’ll work both arms, with both leg arrangements. Pay attention to keeping your front, or plant leg vertical, 90 degrees to the floor. Keep your hips level, and your spine neutral! This isn’t about big shoulders, this is about training your body to stay square.

For the swings, start with your left hand/left leg. For the standing psoas lift, start on your left foot, with your right hand braced on something. Lift your right knee towards your chest. Drive your left leg into the ground, and really use your left Glute to twist your foot into the ground. Maintain level hips and a neutral spine! Use your glutes on the left and your abs/ obliques on the right. Maintain position with your right arm. Then swing on the other side, and switch legs/hand for the psoas lift.

Leg Extension/leg curl/ seated calf raise. 3 sets for 1 side, then 3 sets for the other. Hold the contractions and squeeze at the top. Strive for symmetrical movement, and being even on both sides.



1 arm pull down
1 arm row

1 arm bench press
Half Kneeling Palloff Press

Dumbbell Romanian Deadlift (1 dumbbell)
Standing Calf Raise, 2 feet, 1 dumbbell

For the half kneeling Palloff press make sure you get both your left and right sides, with both legs in the up and down positions. Again, pay attention to keeping the front or up leg vertical or 90 degrees to the floor.

For the Romanian Deads, do them normally, only holding 1 dumbbell. Bend over, stay square and don’t twist! Don’t get over top of 1 Leg, or get squirly. Stay tight! Same thing for calf raises. Stand on the floor, dumbbell in one hand. Calf raise, and hold at the top. Stay square!

3 sets of 8-10 is cool to start for this stuff too. Add sets as you go. Always strive for even, symmetrical movement.


1 arm farmer’s walk and sidebends are cool.

1 Leg calf raises are cool. Even if you are doing them at home, holding onto the wall.

Anything were you have weight on one side, working 1 side at a time, staying symmetrical, with a neutral spine is good.

Anything half kneeling is good. It will Work your adductors or inner thigh muscles. Just be sure to balance things out by hitting your glutes and abductors.

Check out the “Feel Better Right Now Shoulder Exercise Combo” from Diesel Crew, on YouTube.


Dr. Kelly Starret has tons of info videos out there on mobilising joints that are tight, or working wrong. Check him out.

What symmptoms do you have? How messed up are you?


Thank you for this