Right Glute Will Not Fire

Hello All,

I just wanted to post on here about a nagging issue I have had for about 3 years. My right glute max simply wont fire or get any stimulation, some background information, I play lacrosse year round, right now I am preparing for an NCAA season, in the summers I pay indoor, I have 2-2.5 months off per year. As far as injuries go I injured my knee two summers ago with very bad tendonitis (right knee), then last fall I strained my right hip flexor from running. Also I have noticed my right TFL to be substantially more developed than my left just by looking and feeling it. As far as training goes we do team sessions, 3 times a week then I do my own once- which is a lot of single leg work and DB upper body work. Yesterday I did some front foot elevated lunges and a ton of single leg bottoms up hip thrusts, today my left glute is tight and sore, even though i worked my right glute twice as much on the thrusts. I do a lot of rollng a stretching on both legs, I think my right leg is shorter than my left, I am seeing a chiropractor about that in a few weeks.

If any of you have any sort of input it would be greatly appreciated, this is a very aggravating issue and any feedback is welcome,

Have a great Thanksgiving everyone!

How do you climb stairs or even walk with a non-firing glute? LOL

Please find a coach and stop listening to physical therapists (snake oil salesmen)

Try this

Well other muscles like my TFL, lower back and hip flexor could be taking over more.

Thank you! I will be sure to try this out and see how it goes.

Single leg hip thrusts.
Step ups.

Practice daily, twice daily is better. Really focus on mmc.

  1. The TFL is a flexor which means it helps pull the leg up.

  2. The hip flexors also pull the leg up

  3. The lower back works isometrically.

The reason you don’t feel Glute soreness is that the other muscles involved in the squat are weak. As those muscles get stronger, the Glutes will do more work. When those muscles are weak they are the weak link in the chain. Doing more Glute work will make the problem worse. Instead what you should do is adductor, quad, hamstring and calf work. How you mix that up is up to you (sumo deadlift, hi bar or front squats, GHR, etc).

The Glute is the strongest muscle in the Human body. If it wasn’t “firing” you couldn’t walk. This is more gobbledeygook promoted by the PT crowd who wouldn’t know a squat if it bit them on the ass.

Thank you for your input, when I do the compound exersies that you have outlined for me I just don’t feel my right side working what so ever. I guess my left leg takes over, I rarely pull sumo so I’ll give that a shot this weekend and see how it goes from there. Thank you!

You could also try side lunges, step ups (strict), single leg presses, pistol squats (if you’re strong enough; they’re very tough). Also have your leg length, spinal alignment, shoulder symmetry. You might need some technical adjustment like an off-center bar placement, turn out one toe more, or an offset stance. Find a good coach and get checked out in detail.

Good luck