Right Glute Activation Issue?

Hey guys,
So since about 3 months ago my right leg stopped working as I would like it to…

It all started when I was squatting and performed a bad rep which went awkwardly too deep. I didnt feel any pain or anything but the next few times I squatted at about 90 degrees I would feel a pain in my right hip flexor. This pain was only present at the start of my squat days and it would warm up and go away. I squatted through the pain and it eventually subsided, however my right leg was getting gradually weaker. I could literally feel my leg sort of shaking as I went down in the squat and my left leg taking the load as I pushed up.
I decided to stop there.
Months later things have never been the same and I cannot put my finger on why. I am noticing things with my body that may or may not have been present whilst my leg was okay. Such as I lean heavily to the right and the right side of my body in general is a LOT tighter. My right leg is slightly shorter than my left (due to the leaning?) and my right foot pronates out when I walk.
Now I have been trying a LOT of stretching around the hips etc and one thing ive noticed is my right leg just doesnt feel right anymore, it isnt that things are numb it is just that I feel like I literally cannot access some of the muscles. E.g. when I do a 90-90 hip flexor stretch I can feel like a knot where the abductor meets the groon whereas on the left side it feels completely normal.
Also I have noticed I cant fire my right glute. An example of being when I try to do one leg glute bridges my left leg is 100% and I feel the burn on my glute but my right leg when I get to a certain point it tugs on my abductor and i can never feel my glute. I also only get DOMs on my left ass cheek too.
There is a little bit more going on with the leg but Im going to try keep this post short.
Also my right leg is not getting any weaker, it just isnt in a good position to be working properly anymore :frowning:.

Thanks for any help and Im sorry if I wrote too much, i always do.

Have a go at using the corrective exercise continuum and some other movements. Take the intensity of your squats down, try some different squatting styles and techniques, perhaps use a hip circle and some isolated glute strengthening.


Inhibit- Adductors & hip flex
Lengthen- Adductors & hip flex
Activate- Glutes
Integrate- Into squats


Cossack squats- free up those adductors a bit

Hey man,

Thanks heaps for the reply. I have been consistently trying to stretch it out yet my right abductor never seems to loosen up. If I try a hamstring stretch on my right leg I can literally only feel the abductor starting from my groin all the way to the side of my knee? Is this a sign of extreme tightness or maybe a tilted pelvis?
I know it isn’t right cause again my left leg feels fine.
I will try these cossack squats!

I don’t think you’ll see much benefit from stretching hams. Research
anterior pelvic tilt. And correct using corrective exercise continuum. Most
likely your hip flexor on that particular leg is causing you some problems.
Let us know how you get on


Also check my post on How to Stop Psoas Spasm thread for hip flexor- iliopsoas work.
External rotation can be a glute minor, medius problem and they are iliopsoas (hip flexor) antagonists. Trigger point work/stretching on all of these may help.
The problem being the whole side, it may involve nerve impingement that’s causing muscle issues as well-something to think about.
I’ve had similar issues on one side that were partially resolved with surgery to relieve L3-S1 issues.

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