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Right From The Start


Looking to do thing correct from the word go.
I am currently in the mines so training time is hard to come by. I am currently working from 6am to 5:30pm so i have been training from 4am till 5am. Looking to do a 4 days a week for lifting before work in the mornings mon/tues/thurs/fri , and am currently on Musashi bulk protein formula.
Any ideas for a program would be greatly appreciated. Have heard so many storys about wasted time in the gym so want to do it right from the begining.
I am 22yrs old , 6ft tall and 85kg. have been training about 3 to 4 mounths.


Pretty sure almost no-one gets it right, from the start.

Good luck though, seriously.


I’ve heard of early morning training sessions, but 4am, WOW, that’s dedication.
Have a look at Joe defranco’s WS4SB program, you may have to make a few alterations given time limitations, but training 4 days a week this will give you a good idea of the kind of program you should be looking at



Nice to see someone very dedicated!

IMO, short, intense but not draining workouts are what you need: here’s a sample routine from Mike Mahler www.bodybuilding.com/fun/mahler45.htm .
If you can’t train strictly every other day as he suggests (if your gym is close on Sunday), you can go with a mon/tues/thurs/fri (sat would be better, but it’s not a great deal).
Feel free to add some isolation for arm on upper-body day and some calf work on lower-body ones, but don’t exagerate.

Read a few articles on diet and supplements (I suggest the “Nutrition for Newbies” and “Supplementation for Newbies” series by Christian Thibaudeau).