Right Foods to Eat

I am trying to get on a healthy diet and want to know what would be a good and semi cheap way to go about it. It sucks that being healthy is more expensive than not. Also I have read where salmon is really good but I’m not a big fish eater. What would be a good replacement for that? Maybe tuna?

Read through this thread and the links folks listed. Plus, there are many others like it that go over what you are asking.

The strategies and menu available to you will really depend on what you decide healthy means. For example, people usually eat salmon to get some omega-3s in your system. Salmon is only one strategy towards that goal; you can buy fish oil supplements, you can purchase other foods high in omega-3s, or you can also try cutting out foods which have a really skewed O6:O3 ratio.

Without a clear definition first it’s really hard to build a menu…I’d read a lot and decide what “healthy” means to you, make some clear diet goals (calories, types of food you want to eat, types of food you want to avoid if possible, certain nutrients etc) and then work on building a menu that follows that vision.