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Right Elbow Pain

Hi, i would like your advices. For the moment is nothing serious, but, if a pressure a bit my elbow, if i press a bit i feel a little little pain.

I will be carreful to not lock my elbow when i training and be vigilant, just, can you tell me which exercices are really bad for the elbow.

I do skullcrusher with a wide grip, when i train my triceps.

I use a normal barbell, i train only my biceps arms Yesterday, but i dont know if That happen yesterday
i feel only a bit if a press the right elbow, if i dont, i dont feel anything

Train of my biceps :

I do some supination pull up, barbell curl resistance
bands, standing dumbbel

And the day before, i train my chest, in the dumbbel press, i feel a bit my elbow weak in general, i will maybe buy elbow sleeve for to be a bit more safe ? I want push more heavy and i feel i can soon

Have a look at ‘tennis elbow’.
Had it myself for a long time. Any lifting like deadlifts caused more injury. Straps were very useful.

I will, i just do stiff legged deadlift that all, and maybe , somethime rowing yates

I will but sleeve, but is really little, just when i press i feel a bit something so iam carreful (pussy) no just if i break something i will not be able to work and lost money, so iam carreful

Obvious suspects are

  1. as @thejameselder mentioned: “tennis elbow” (lateral epicondylitis),
  2. or “golfer’s elbow” (medial epicondylitis).

But now is ok i dont feel anything, what can i do for be safe about that, did i need i special barbell for train my biceps, i need to check if i have the valgus or not also