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Right Delt Taking Over Right Pec

Hey guys, i am new here and i need a little help.
I have been working out for 8 years, and recently i have been dealing with an issue.
Every time i work my chest, i can feel the left pec just fine, but when it comes to the right pec, its really hard to feel it working.
This is more pronounced on incline movements, my left pec gets pumped and my right front delt takes over.
This has left me with a muscle imbalance, left pec is bigger than right(specially the upper portion), and right front delt is bigger than left.
Even sitting here i can flex my left upper pec really hard to the point where you can see a separation but i cant do that with my right one.
Delts its the opposite, i can flex my right front delt with zero effort, but it takes a lot of effort to that with the left.
What do you guys think i can do to fix this?
I am thinking about ditching incline presses


Looks like you hit Submit a little early, man.

Based on the title alone, change the exercises you’re using and/or adjust your form.

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Yes, sorry ahah, first post here, i just edited it

Incline pressing is more delt dominant in general, so ditching them is fine. Consider slight decline pressing instead.

Also, try starting chest sessions with d-roy raises to activate (not pre-exhaust) the pecs.

But really, looking at it objectively, there’s minimal asymmetry just to look at you. If anything, the genetic shape of your right pec is slightly larger than the left. No biggie, either way.

Thanks for the reply, i am also thinking about lowering the weight and using dumbells to focus on form. I am on my first cycle so have the tendency to push really hard ,imcrease weights and go to failure, but it seems that going to failure just makes the assimetry worse.
Should i stop short of failure?

Going to failure isn’t the issue, but using weights that are too heavy absolutely could be. Focus on the mind-muscle connection, not how much weight you’re moving. Stop whenever you no longer feel the pecs working.