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Right Cycle for an Athlete?

Hi, I’m an athlete in a sport where I need to maintain my weight within a certain weight class so I can’t afford to get much bigger.

I want to do a cycle to help increase my strength but not put on much weight / mass.

My plan was to do a cycle with a trt-level test base and then take 50mg of anavar a day for a 10 week cycle.

I know about proper post-cycle protocol but I am curious what else I need to take during my cycle to mitigate any negative side effects. Do I need an AI? HCG? I’ve had some people tell me to just keep nolvadex on hand in case I get gyno.

Very new to this so just curious what you guys think I need to take during the cycle I mentioned above. Any help / info would be appreciated.

Are you a tested athlete?

I second what iron said.
Now if you are not tested and you have your heart set on doing a cycle I still have to say this for all the little idiots out there looking for a reason not to listen to the people with experience. Your first cycle should be testosterone only.

Anavar, for ten weeks?!?!? Really any oral for 10?!?!? People say anavar is less toxic to the liver yet it still has the 17aa modification to let it get through your liver. That 17aa is what makes it toxic. If the 17aa is X amount of toxic when attached to winstrol then why would it be less toxic attached to anavar? I will say I am not a doctor but I don’t see how one 17aa is more or less toxic depending on what hormone it is attached to.
Really anavar is just a less harsh or a less stressing to your body hormone. So I repeat, anavar for 10 week’s!?!?

A good injectable that is known to increase strength with minimal weight gain is masteron. I say minimal weight gain but we control that with diet so it can help your strength increase even though you don’t eat to gain muscle. I am not sure I am saying that clearly so I might try to re comment after I think about it.
Now masteron is one of the more expensive compounds but it’s less than anavar and anavar is regularly faked. With what anavar does and how close it’s results are to winstrol and because so few people have actually had real anavar, it’s faked a lot. Sometimes it’s just winstrol or sometimes it’s winstrol and dbol together.

Masteron will also help increase your drive or aggression. A few mma fighters have been caught taking masteron. It comes either attached to the propionate, or enanthate ester. There use to be some attached to dipropionate but I don’t see that anymore. If you go with the enanthate you will most definitely be spending less for two bottles of mast e 200 versus all that anavar. You might even be able to buy three for what you would spend on anavar and you might even be able to spend less on 3-4 bottles of mast propionate.

The one thing you should be aware of is some guys get “to tight” on higher doses of mast. That’s what I have heard it described as. In my experience it’s like the muscle doesn’t relax when you stop using it. So if you curl a dumbell the bicep stays tight when you want to lower it. It almost feels like you have to use your tricep and push the weight down against your tight bicep force. I ran into that at 600 mgs per week on a stack with I believe test and EQ.

A trt level dose of test shouldn’t give you any estrogen issues. That and the situation with HCG makes extra Nolvadex for just in case a good idea. HCG makes it where our balls aromatize test and no amount of AI can stop it, if that amount of estrogen starts gyno the only thing you can do is block the estrogen with Nolvadex. So yeah given your cycle Nolvadex is probably the best choice for on cycle issues.

I would really re think the anavar. The cost and how often it’s faked are the “mechanical” reasons. The emotional reason is it’s a liver toxic oral for 10 week!
I spoke on masteron really any DHT based hormone should be good for what you want. Well any DHT except anadrol. The main injectable DHTs are(in no particular order); winstrol, masteron, primobolan and if you can find it 1-test aka dihydroboldonone aka DHB. Really DHB isn’t a DHT but it is the reduced EQ and DHT is reduced testosterone so.
Primo is faked as much as anavar and it is REAL expensive.
Winstrol even in it’s injectable form is liver toxic.

EQ, equipoise, can be run where your gains are minimal and it does definitely help increase strength so it’s worth looking at. It is testosterone based.


No, we aren’t tested.

Then EQ for 14-16 weeks is probably your winner. It provides a solid boost in general athleticism, probably because of the elevated rbc, and isn’t known for packing on huge amounts of mass (unless you eat like crazy, I suppose). It also provides some benefits with regard to collagen synthesis, similar to Anavar, but without the hepatotoxicity.

Thanks for the reply man. I thought ten weeks might be too long for an oral given the liver issues. I will look in to using something else aside from anavar. These are just my initial thoughts not something I am planning on doing until I have way more knowledge and have everything dialed in. If I did use an oral like anavar I’m assuming 8 weeks is better?. Thank you for your reply it’s much appreciated

Thanks for the reply I’ll look into taking that. Really I just want to be as strong and conditioned as possible for my weight class. Hard to keep up over time having match after match against people that are way stronger than me due to their use of roids. By the time I reach the finals / semi finals of tournaments I’m exhausted and have nothing left

I love anavar, but can’t imagine taking it while being asked to perform athletically. Something you will definitely run into is massive fatigue due to muscle pumps. It gets terrible with repetitious movements. Test is gucci. A long low-dose cycle of Test with an anti-e on hand to keep water weight down and to suppress any estrogenic side effects (if any) would be a solid reco.

research winstrol. Crazy strength gains without much mass and you’ll get shredded af. It’s rough on the joints tho