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Right Arm/Hand Keeps Going Numb

Lmfao that’s right I am Big Daddy

Thank you guys im having to much fun

I’m glad you’re enjoying yourself. Whenever you get around to rereading my first couple posts, researching carpal tunnel syndrome and investigating whether pinched nerves in your wrist are causing pain and numbness in your hand, and start icing, stretching, and taking a NSAID 3x a day for 10 days, is up to you. Enjoy the discomfort in the meantime.


I see flappinit has given you more “hearts” here than any other user. I understand you had to come here to defend your boyfriend. This part of the forum makes me cringe because the users are such douche bags lol I just came to see what could be wrong with my wrist but end up arguing over the internet with some dude that probably lives in his Moms basement

Thanks bud I really do appreciate it. Yah fuckin dick bag :rofl::rofl:

He has?

Awww, @flappinit , I didn’t know that! You’re so sweet! I love you!

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And btw, I live in my mom’s attic. Ha! Much better views than the basement.

Brah :facepunch:

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That’s even better! LOL :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

It’s a finished attic. Half bath, nice views to the south and north. Skylight right above my bed. Quite peaceful when it rains.

I don’t care. You still live at Mommies house as I assumed. Bet she’s still cooks and folds your laundry as well you fucking bitch

Half bath? So you still gotta go down stairs to use Mommies shower too. I had a feeling you were still soft with your Mommy

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I could give a fuck how peaceful it is when it rains on your Mommies roof. Mommies roof is mommies roof bud

At this point, I’m pretty convinced you’re just joking. Otherwise I have no idea why’d you be so aggressive about this stuff.

Buuuttt, to be fair, I do the laundry at home. Mondays and Thursdays, dude. Do let my mom cook though. Her tacos are da bomb.

And no, we take turns using the shower. She helps me dry my hair though, and when I’ve had a late night, brushes my teeth when I’m too tired.

Why tf are you replying to each individual detail in seperate posts?

By this post I’m going to assume you don’t have a real job either you little cunt. Man up and move out of Mommies house and maybe I’ll let you talk shit once you do that

I don’t really. Did construction for a little over a year up until about 6 weeks ago, now just doing a few P.T. jobs. I’d move out, but I don’t know if any potential roommates would let me sleep in their bed when my peaceful rain showers turn into scary thunderstorms.

Yeah I get it the construction company probably fired you for being such a little bitch. You shouldn’t need roommates you should be able to afford your own shit. As I said you can talk shit once you move out of Moms house

Fuck your gay “little P.T jobs” maybe you’d work alittle harder for that construction company if Mommy took you off her tit and you had to survive on your own

Let me guess Dads not in the picture either? And if he is in the picture he’s probably soft with his Mother as well, just like you. I see why you are like you are, it’s okay I’m an understanding individual.

You can’t tell me shit little boy. I work construction 6-7 days a week, still hit the gym and run afterwards, mow my own grass, do all the cooking and cleaning around here and fold my own laundry. Even at that, that ain’t shit. Like Ronnie Coleman says, ain’t nothing but a nugget lol