Right Arm/Hand Keeps Going Numb

My right hand keeps going numb falling asleep and tingling sensation. Is there anyway to stop this or anything I can do to help. Not sure if it’s because I’m taking 500mg Test a week, I doubt it but I’m just throwing a variable out there not sure of others experience this? My hand strength has increased a lot in a short amount of time. I work a hard manual physical labor job that is very demanding and I’ll be carrying things at work like even with light simple stuff with my hand clenched around a shovel or empty bucket it really gets numb and tingly

Since you’re preaching nofap everywhere, you should know I’m holding back really hard here, bro.

Carpal tunnel syndrome is a possibility from your job and also from AAS. Compressed nerves in the wrist can cause this. Look up CTS and see if some symptoms align.

That being said, diagnosing yourself or having people diagnose you over the internet is a risky business and you should just see a doctor. But I have a seriously hand-heavy job and I’ve dealt with CTS in the past. It sucks.

Dude please in all seriousness. I think it’s because I increased my hand strength quickly and all them tiny bones in my hand pressed together. Going to try stretching.

When I pull on my thumb to stretch my hand, it really sets it off

Never had this issue till I started taking juice. I’d work 7 days a week 12-14 hours a day just working myself hard. I’m 4 weeks in cycle and I’m having trouble sleeping because my arm going numb

I was being serious, I just let you know that it was hard not to make a joke about it. Either way, “all them tiny bones in my hand pressed together” does not make any sense. Whether or not it’s CTS, you’re likely dealing with nerve compression. Stretching will help, as will icing.

The hand is made of like 20 bones

Did somebody drop you on your head as a baby? Numbness occurs when a nerve is pinched off, not when “all them tiny bones” get crushed. I avoided ripping on you, gave you advice twice, and you’re still repeating nonsensical talking points. I’m out, go to a doctor or stop taking illegal substances while lecturing others about sinning.

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No shit it’s the nerve


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