Right Arm Bigger?

Hey guys.

I am new to this forum and basically dedicated wieght lifting in general, and I have a question.

Over my life I have always tried to start a regular workout schedule, but I always seem to only stick with it for about 2 weeks then quit.

Now I have actually started that I am in college and I have been going for about 2 weeks. I go every other day to the gym and run and work on my upper body and arms.

My question is:

My biceps/arms seem to grow fast and I can definitely see them getting bigger, but it looks like my right arm is getting bigger than my left.

Normal or problem?



“Looks like” your right arm is getting bigger? Is it or isn’t it? Time to get the tape measure out.

Most people would have a difference of 1/2" or so in upper arm measurement between their right and left. If it is a lot more than this, you may have a problem. If not, don’t worry about it.

You can help to address any imbalances by using dumbbells rather than barbell for your arm work. If one arm is noticeably weaker, always use this arm first. If it still stays noticeably weaker, add another set just for this arm as well. If it STILL stays weaker, just work the weaker arm only until it catches up.

PS you will soon need to do lower body work other than running. Suggest you check out the “Are You a Beginner II” thread near the top of the Beginners forum, read the initial post at least and pick one of the programs suggested there. If you need to know how to do any of the exercises, find the biggest guy in the gym and ask for help.

[quote]Dyepaintball12 wrote:
Normal or problem?

I thought the fact that masturbation is normal has already been established.

[quote]rrjc5488 wrote:
Dyepaintball12 wrote:
Normal or problem?

I thought the fact that masturbation is normal has already been established.[/quote]

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Start jerking with your left. It will even you out and it is a nice change of pace.