Right Arm Bigger/Stronger than Left

Is fixing this problem as simple as:

  1. more single arm work (dumbells/cables over barbells)
  2. only doing as much with right arm as left arm
  3. start each set with left arm (or do left arm set then right arm set)
  4. when doing barbell exercises focus on using both equally


whenever I do lying tricep extensions with ez curl bar i feel much more in left arm and it pisses me off even though I’m trying to each arm equally

am i missing something

For now try using DBs for most of your arm exercises. When you use a Ez-bar/barbell, really focus on your left arm, and try to initiate the movement with your left arm first if that makes any sense. And definitely start each set with the left arm if you are doing straight single-arm stuff.

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I’ve read (and it seems to be true) that since you are less coordinated with your left arm, the muscles have to work harder to do the same amount of work. This may be why you feel it is being used more than the right (but also, this means that as long as you don’t do more reps with right side than left, the left will catch up over time without any specific effort)

I think 2 and 3 are solid ideas. And 4… well, when would you ever not be doing 4?

Your post outlines the best steps to fixing the “problem”. But I would say to completely drop barbell work for your arms for at least a few weeks.

If you can achieve a similar mind muscle connection in both arms than do what you’ve outlined. If you cant feel your stronger arm working as well as the bigger one than you need to train yourself to recruit those muscles better.

In your spare time flex the muscles as hard as possible and hold it for a count. Vary the time. Change the angle at which you flex (arm at your side, front double bi, out in front of you). Do this until you get the muscle filled with blood. Eventually you’ll feel more and more fibers being activated. This will go a long way to improve neural efficiency.

I do this for all muscles. Imbalance or not.