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Right Arimidex/Test Dosage with TRT/Cruise, Problems

Hi , ive been on trt for the past 6 months , ive been doing sustanon 1ml a week , yep , i know its a high dosage , when i started i had my natural TT at 760 , i chose “trt/cruise” because it would be better to improve my performance as bodybuilder career , since it doesnt require pct and keeps increasing all my gains

the question is , when i use masteron , i feel great , horny and happy but the problem is hair genetics , they suck and hair starts to fall when i use mast , so i decided to switch to Arimidex to have more free testosterone by lowering estrogen

i was thinking 1mg every 3 days , but maybe its too much , i dont know , can you guys help me with the dosage?

to be honest i totally regret this , when i started this “trt/cruise” i didnt know i had bad hair genetics , now i feel trapped in steroids , once i felt good on only sust (4 months) without mast or AI but i think that happend because i still had some “good” natural testosterone , or its this just psychologic? i dont understand why i dont feel good anymore

At 4 months in on a healthy dose I doubt you were still producing natural testosterone. Have you done any blood work to see if any issues can be highlighted? Sound like a sustanon dosage change could possibly have you feeling better. I’m pretty sure I’ve read here that you can’t run masteron long term for TRT. Could be wrong but I’m sure someone in the know will comment on that. The hair thing is what it is though. You can thank your parents for that. I don’t think there’s any way you can get around genetics (yet at least). No one can really help you without blood work though besides saying 1mg of arimidex every 3 days is a bad idea.


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Yeah man that’s a lot of AI for a TRT dose of Sust. Drop that, wait 2-3 weeks to recover and you’ll prolly start feeling better

Yeah just like they said, 1 mg twice a week for 250mgs of test is crazy high. I don’t think you even need any arimidex for that dosage, but everyone is different.

As far as feeling good earlier on and not now, it’s called you got use to the higher levels of test so it is no longer “different” to your body. Basically your body got use to it and your body has adjusted because it’s no long new and stimulating/exciting. A lot of guys start increasing dosage to chase that feeling, it doesn’t work, trust me. That dragon has flown away. If you want that extra “feel good” then go get crazy in the gym and force the endorphin release. That actually does work plus you get some extra results from chasing those attainable endorphins.

You said you feel like you are stuck with being on steroids, not true. I get the feeling you are younger like still mid 20s or so. You can totally PCT and most likely recover perfectly adequate natural test levels. You just haven’t been on too long to be dependent for sure. Heck even if you are late 40s to later 50s but in good health you could still probably PCT and recover natural production. Don’t stay on your self prescribed TRT just because 6 months is longer than traditional cycles. If you are having buyers remorse with your steroid choice then stop using and PCT. FYI you might need a longer than traditional PCT because you did not 6 months.

Kinda going back to the no longer getting the “feel good” effect, you can try mixing in new compounds at reasonable levels to give your body something new and exciting. With what you said about lowering bloat and freeing up more test then I would look at Proviron if I were you. It lowers SHBG, has an anti Estrogen like effect, it is not liver toxic so you can run it for extended periods, and it’s “side effect” is a healthy increase in libido. I definitely feel an extra pep in my step on it. FYI if you take Proviron or any compound for extended periods then your body will adjust to it / build a tolerance and it will no longer be new and stimulating to your body. I like to use it for 1-3 months then I stop for at least 1-2 that way the “tolerance” goes away/down.

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Welcome to life, homie. TRT isn’t about always feeling good, it’s about getting back to normal. You’re not on TRT. You’re cruising. Cruising is not made to work the same way as TRT, at least not in the beginning. You didn’t need to be on anything, as your natural testosterone was perfectly good. So those good feelings were a result of a different state of being for you. Now that honeymoon is over and you’re back to your new baseline.

Look, you said you’re doing this to improve your bodybuilding career. But you’re also complaining about not feeling good. I think that maybe you don’t know how those two things are pretty much synonymous. Nobody gets into bodybuilding because they want to feel good all the time. It’s pretty much a life that’s marked by long periods of varying levels of misery punctuated by occasional flashes of satisfaction with the results of your hard work. You chose a life that usually doesn’t feel good. If you want to change that then you should consider ways to get un-trapped from the place you’re in.

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Hi , im on TRT and im using enanthate (1ml/250mg per week) , this is more a cruise dose than a actual trt dose but whatever , do you guys think 2 injections per week will make me feel better then injecting 1ml at once? thank you!

It may. I used to inject my TRT dose 1x per week but switched to 2x dosing. I honestly didn’t notice much difference but some do. Whats your SHBG level?

Any injected hormone weather it has an ester, if it a short ester or if it is a long ester follows a pretty standard blood saturation cycle. After any shot within hours (if it I estered otherwise it’s minutes) the levels of that hormone I your blood go up. They go up for a given time frame then they come down. With short esters the up and down is measured in hours and with long esters it is measured in days. With enanthate or cypionate there is about a 3 day window after the shot where the blood levels for that hormone are significantly higher. I always refer to it as the “surge.” After that three days (give or take) the levels come down.

If you switch to two equal doses per week then you will have much more consistent levels per day. There will still be ups and downs but they won’t be as drastic. Like blshaw said some do notice a difference and others don’t. It depends on how sensitive you are to it. At the very least if you switch to two equal shots per week you will have more stable levels of everything connected to testosterone.

Go search the steroidcalc. It’s a good tool to use to get a rough idea of what amount of any given hormone will be day to day in your injection schedule. It’s not precise but it’s close enough to use to get an idea. Remember the levels it shows are how many mgs of test enanthate (or whatever hormone) you body will “process” per day. You still have to adjust the mgs for ester weight to know how much raw test is available per day.

250 as TRT is debatable, depends where it gets ya too.

If you’re at say 1200-1500ng/dl with 1-2x top of ref range free T, feeling great, no haematological parameters are being effected, lipid profile and other variables are fine then it may be considered “TRT” for you in the intermittent to even long term future

I personally have no sides or issues regarding cell counts on 200mg/wk