Right Anterior Pelvic Tilt Help

Not sure if this is the place to post but basically I’m looking for some help to overcome a right anterior pelvic tilt (as diagnosed by an Osteo/PT).

I’m just starting to powerlift, had my first comp in January 09, but in November 08 I was deadlifting and pull my lower back pretty severely. I rested and recovered enough to pull 260kg at my first competition but since that time I’ve “tweaked” it again.

I went to see a sports doctor and she found that my right leg was longer than my left. I was sent for x-rays to measure the bones. The x-rays showed no significant difference in the length of the bones. She prescribed me to see an Osteo/PT. I meet with the Osteo/PT and she found that my right side seemed to be anteriorly tilted more than my left. She said that this is probably why I hurt myself doing deadlifts, and why I tweaked it recently, because my whole pelvis is not supporting the weight equally. One side of my lower back has to pull more or pull in an awkward angle.

The Osteo/PT recommended that I stretch my LEFT hip flexor and not my RIGHT hip flexor (since it is already lengthened). She also gave me a small mobility exercise where I pull my right knee to my shoulder while thinking about and trying to rotate one side of my pelvis. Because of restrictions in time and money I won’t be able to see her for another month so I would like to know if anyone else has experienced this and if they have any other exercises/mobility drills that I could do to improve my situation. Most of the stuff I’ve seen addresses equal tilt on both sides and I don’t think that applies in my situation (especially since she told me specially not to stretch my right hip flexor).

Also FYI: She said this type of thing is common in baseball players, soccer players, and other sports where the body is rotating more to one side, one hip will generally pop out more than the other which develops the inbalance. I’m guessing the 15 years I spent playing hockey is what caused this.