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Right Amount of Calories?

i am planning to follow the t-dawg diet but i was wondering if the calorie intake is to small i weigh 175 lbs,5’10, and i lift weights 3 times a week cardio everyday except sunday and i am trying to get down to 160. but when i did the math it came out to be that i should consume 2600 calories then subtract 500 that would be 2100 but after a workout it would go down another 500 is 1600 calories to small of an amount? i dont understand if it means subtract 500 calories nutrition wise or nutrition and workouts combined.

Question: Are you male?

If so, why on earth are you trying to get down to 160?

2600 is estimated maint level. then subtract 500 ONCE that should get you losing stay there for at least two weeks see what that is casuing and if needed adjust up or down.