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Rigging Ideas for Barrel for Loaded Carries?

I’ve got a small plastic barrel I’ve been using for weighted carries (put some fine sand in it). I’m 5’7 and it sits about waist high on me but my arms aren’t long enough to wrap around it and get a proper grip, which has been working ok because I have to carry it in different positions but my grip fails way before because I’m basically holding it with the fingertips of one hand. I want to figure out a way to get some kind of bear-hug on it so I can put some more weight in it and make it less of a grip-focused exercise. I’ve tried a tow strap but it slides too much. I’ve thought about cutting some slots in the barrel to weave the strap in and out to eliminate that issue but I just wanted to check here and see if anyone has any ideas.

If you’re determined to bear hug carry it:
Wear mechanic’s gloves so your grip takes longer to slip.

Or just shoulder the darn thing.
Or flip it sideways and try to zercher carry it.

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Sorry if I missed something or am picturing the implement incorrectly, but can you just carry it like a keg (one hand on the bottom rim and one hand on the top on the opposite side)?

Or just get both hands under it and carry it high.

Is this plastic barrel sealed? (Can you tip it and carry it sideways without sand falling out?)

Pictures of the implement would probably help as well so we can brew up some creativity.


I had considered wearing gloves, I have a bunch they give me for work that have some kind of rubber coating that would probably work. I’ll give it a shot this weekend.

Carrying it like a keg is what I’m doing now, just alternating sides each time. If I started the pick from higher off the ground I could probably carry it high, that might work. The top has two small (probably 4" diameter) holes on either side, I’m pretty sure I threw out the screw-in plugs for it otherwise I could try it sideways. I’ll mess round with it this weekend and see if something works better. If not I’ll post a pic of it. Thanks for the suggestions!