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rigged? maybe

from what i saw roy jones was taking some big hits… i dunno if he really won that shit…

i like boxing but i just dont believe the results anymore…

I seriously doubt it was rigged. I wouldn’t have been dissapointed if it went either way. Jones landed more power punches, but I don’t think either one was really hurt too bad.

Tarver should of kept on with everything he did in rounds 1 & 2. He had the fight… but then he let RJJ play his games, and thats why he lost. I thought it was a fair decision… I’m sure we’ll see more of Tarver soon enough. A rematch would be cool, but who knows if that’ll happen… it looks like RJJ only wants Tyson before he retires.

Rigged? It sure could be!

Here is a good rule of thumb, anything with Don King involved is garbage! Boxing has Don King, hence boxing is garbage.

Besides, after watching the UFC and Pride, boxing has lost its glitter for me. I used to follow it very closely. Now I couldn’t care less who is champion.

Too much money involved in boxing, therefore it could be rigged. Im sick of listening to decisions. Tarver was the champ, you cant give Jones the fight on a decision. Jones didnt knock him out. Jones didnt dominate. He didnt land more than one punch consecutively. Tarver showed me something, I like this kid. I think they should have given him the fight, or I would have been more happy with a draw.

From what I hear, Jones dominated most of the later rounds. He would dominate the first 2 mins of a round, then Tarver would come on the last 30 seconds.