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Rifle Lovers


Any rifle lovers here? I'm over my head about buying the commercial version of the M-16. I've had some time on it in the military, and won't mind shelling out over a grand to get one!

Any others here?


My friends got an AR-15... we used to go upstate to his house and shoot tree trunks into wood chip. Of course, there were bullets in it so it wasnt very profitable.


M-16 and the various AR-15s are poodle shooters.

The cheap ammo is a bonus.


The Ar-15 and it's variants are a lot of fun to shoot. Cheap ammo and fairly accurate and easy to shoot well. I've had a few of them over the years. Owned a Bushmaster and a Colt. Can recommend either.

If it's a little pricey Ruger makes a rifle called the Mini-14 that's cheaper and based on a mini version of the M-1 Garand action. A lot more robust action. It can be customized economically with a synthetic stock to make it more durable.

Lot's of parts are available for the Ar-15. I have a stock extender on mine because I have longer arms. Also a rubberized grip. Both help when your doing a lot of shooting.


The AR-15/M-16 weapon system is very easy to learn.

It is also the most widely customized rifle in the world and the sheer number of parts out there to trick an Ar-15 out makes it the rifle of choice for guys who like to tinker. This alone makes it a better choice for most people than the mini-14(although that is a good gun too. If you want one, try and find them used. Ruger just revamped it and it is comparable in price to the AR-15 now.)

AR15.com is an awesome site with a ton of info and really great forums if you are interested.


I've got the American made DSA SA58 Tactical Carbine. It shoots a .308 (7.62 x 51 NATO)cartridge. Surplus ammo is only a little more expensive than the .223 that the AR-15 shoots, but it's a whole lot more powerful.



Fellas I gotta break with the crowd here. I would love to have an old black powder rifle...damn those things are cool.

Wouldn't mind a reproduction of an 1861 Springfield.



A powder rifle! That's shit funny. They are cool though. you'll be like what's the name, Wilie Coyote!!

You silly Wabbit! Bang!


Loose Tool

That is a bad-ass rifle right there.

AR-15 owners, how much do you pay for ammo? How much did you cough up for your baby? A friend of mine put up about a grand a couple years back.


Hey...you get with a bullet from one of those bastards, and you lose limbs. Thats damn cool in my book.


black powder is the first firearm I ever shot. It was great fun. I'd love to get into that.


Sorry man,

Real rifles have wood stocks.
Don't get me wrong the AR-15/M-16 is a great tool but if you want soul, go with something like a M1A or better yet my current favorite the 1903A3 and/or Mauser 98. But really shoot what ya brought.


A friend of mine had a british FAL .308, and that thing was a cannon. Like an AR-15 on steriods. We used to take that, his mini-14 bullpup, and my SKS out and go ballistic on water jugs and a couple of old cars.
Now all I have is a Savage .243 bolt action. Not as much fun as just going apeshit with a nice semi auto, but what the heck- It goes boom!


If you like the M16/M4, then check out the SR25. Like a 16, only bigger, heavier, and it shoots a 7.62, .180 grain. I personally am in love with the 300 Win Mag though. Having been physically attached to an M16 or M4 for 12 years I think I've developed an allergy to them.


Bushmaster makes a dependable AR-15/ M16 knock off that you can get in a number of finishes, and different lenghts, very nice rifle. I know you can get them around here brand new for about 750, with open sights, scope and aluminum case.


I reload for my rifle, so the cost of ammo goes for about $00.05 per round. If you have to buy the stuff over the counter you can get Winchester white box at Wally World for about $3 something per 20.

I have a couple of rifles. The one that is a blaster cost me somewhere around $400.00. I have a target rifle that I built the lower, then put a White Oak Target upper on that has about 1300 in it.

You want a rifle that is fun to shoot? Get yourself a M1 Garand. You can get them from the government. They will ship them to your house. Ask me how?


What!!! You didn't mention the Garand. Shame on you.


I think you mean Elmer J. Fudd.

I am considering a Mini 14 as well. Love the AR too. Still doing the comparison pros / cons.


I've been shooting a Mini-14 for years, and love it. Much more accurate than an SKS.

Irish: see if you can find a reproduction Sharps 1874. Unbelievable accurate, and more fun that a barrel full of monkeys.


CMP. I have mine. Great rifle.