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Riding the Line Between BBing & PLing


so... i've decided to stop being such a fatass and lose some bodyfat. two weeks ago i was sitting at 285 at a height of 5' 9". my goal is to get down to the 242 weight class. i'm also seriously thinking about breaking out the posing trunks again...at some point.

if there is any interest in seeing my progress, i'll continue it in this thread. my plan is to have my main focus be on strength training but for accessory work, i'll be doing a lot more hypertrophy style work. i've also cleaned up the diet. as i stand now, i'm down to 270.

anyway... here's my training from tonight. i pulled a hip flexor squatting a week ago. i usually pull sumo but it really irritates the hip flexor. conventional felt good tonight. in the past, i couldn't reach the bar because of how "thick" i was. i can already feel a diffence with the small weight loss.

i attempted to pull sumo this past weekend and it was a no go. tonight i pulled conventional with mild discomfort. it was actually a good time to do some experimenting. i have a bad habit of letting my mind wonder when i'm getting ready for a pull. tonight i set up and dive bombed the bar. it worked really good. there's only two problems- when you dive bomb you take the chance of grabbing the bar off center and not setting your grip. i had both happen on different sets but i can tell with some practice, i'll pull some decent numbers this way with a conventional setup.

also... i've decided to drop some bodyfat. i've been watching my diet as well as adding in more hypertrophy training for the past two weeks. it feels great!!! i may even do a bodybuilding show in the future.. but don't get me wrong. i'm a powerlifter FIRST. i just wanna be a healthier one that's not afraid to take his shirt off.

anyway.. this is what i did tonight.

conventional deadlift- divebomb style.

635x1- this felt very light but i didn't get my left hand set and it slipped out of my hand at lockout. i'll be practicing this style and will use it at the World's.

seated cable rows
some x some

seated overhead press
315x8 + 2 rep PR

standing alternating dumbell curs- see i told you.. i'm doing some bodybuilding training. haven't done these in many moons. i was suprised at how light the 80's felt. i guess this powerlifting stuff has made me stronger.
40's x 6
60's x 6
80's x 6

superset cable wrist curls and standing calf raises

some x some x 5

bodyweight at 270...


congrats and looking foward to the updates


sweet as man, i was wondering how long till u decided to "trim" hahaha. i will be watching this with anticipation definately, and im sure everyone else will to. this might even become the next contest prep thread following hussayn and stu haha. all the best


Cool, do you have any time goals to meet as far as losing the weight? Do you know which meet you're going to hit at 242?

Are you doing cardio to help lose weight?

Pics or it didn't happen


This should be very interesting. I'm looking forward to following this one. Good luck!


I'm just curious why you're doing the divebomb style rather then getting your grip set tight. Is it to take advantaqge of the stretch reflex?

Are you aiming to get a geared elite total raw at 242?


no plans as of yet.. i'm going to do it SLOW!! definitely don't want to lose strength. with that said, i don't think it will be all that hard to cut down to look respectible.

don't worry.. i'll be whore'n the pics just like i whore the vids. my training is an open book.

and.. no cardio.. yet. i'm just going to limit the rest between sets and add in circuits and drop sets. the cardio will come when i need to drop into single digits.


there are a few reasons-
1. i think too much before i pull. i need to just do it.
2. i'm still too "thick" to set my grip and get into position. that's the main reason that i pull sumo. i can drop into position. i've found that when i set my grip and then try to get into position, the weight gets out in front of me and my hips come up too fast.
3. stretch reflex is used to it's fullest this way.

sure.. why not:)


Hey man one sort of random question for you. I watched your 405x3 paused front squats (damn impressive btw) and you do not lean forward at all. Once I go 365 or above I start to dip pretty bad, do you do any extra core work or just strictly GM's/deadlift for your core/lower back strength.


meat is a badass


when i do front squats, i force my knees outward on the way down and up. this keeps me more upright as i go through the ROM. also, i do a lot of zercher squats and really heavy front squats. this has really strengthened my core. keeping the chest high and the elbows up will help with keeping the weight from dipping forward as well.



thanks hoss!!


thanks!! hopefully it will be interesting to some.




MM- Good luck.

You've always documented the workouts in your various threads. Will you be documenting your diet as well, at least if there is a significant change in it?


the diet is pretty damn boring.... 4 protein shakes a day, hitting about 400 grams of protein there. three "larger" meals made up of either steak, chicken or pork with some form of multigrain carb and fibrous veggies. snacks in between will be mostly a trail mix of nuts and some fruit. to drink it will be water and milk.. that's pretty much it. i also take fish oil, glucosamine/chondroitin, vitamin C, Vitamin E and a mulitvitamin.

i also started taking a creatine/ high caffeine pre workout drink.




was just about to ask what you did to clean up your diet! I can only assume you are not counting calories or anything like that.

I wish you luck. Take a "before" pic to post later when you are done. That would be cool- like seeing Dave Cutledge (sp?) "Powerlifters are Fatties" transition!

Good Luck man. This should be awesome and I will be following this thread for sure!


sweet- will be watching with great interest marauder!



Big believer that heavy PL type stuff and like JM Blakely says, â??bathe the cells in nutrientsâ?? will lead to some serious LBM increase along with some "eXXXtra".

Also believe as you ramp down in bodyweight you add in more BB type assistance and WSM type conditioning, NOT treadmill cardio until the very very end.

Cool to watch your experience unfold.