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Riding the Line Between BBing & PLing Part 2


Hopefully there is enough interest to keep this thing going.

I've been thinking about opening my thread up to people looking for advice on their training as well as posting my own training. As some of you may know, I started as a competitive bodybuilder and then moved into competitive powerlifting. I would like to think i know a thing or two about both. There have been a few people ask for advice in my thread but i feel there are others that are afraid it may be inappropriate. With that said, I would like to invite anyone that has questions to feel free to ask. I'm more than happy to help.


International Bench Night- this is the first session of the new bench cycle. we will be doing reverse band bench for our main movement. I worked up to 635 for three sets of 1. felt really comfortable. i'm hoping to hit 700 for my top set on this cycle.

reverse band bench press

full ROM speed bench

reverse grip bench press- paused

tricep death - 1 board, small foam, 2 board, large foam, 3 board, 4board - close grip

*attempt to get 10 reps on each with 225lbs. i think i got up to the large foam before the reps started to drop off.


And so the reverse-band bench cycle begins! Good luck with that meat - I just finished one and saw great gains. Also, Yay to the return of reverse grips lol - I remember your 510 vid of that, I thought I was gonna shit my pants haha.

The number of views of your last thread should tell you that there is PLENTY of interest to keep this going. Thanks for still posting and being all-around awesome Panda bear.


i've done a reverse band bench cycle once before and got a good bit out of it. i'm nearly 40lbs lighter in BW now so i'll be interested to see how i compare now. the band setup is a different so it will be hard to compare the two cycles. I'll be very happy with a 700lb top set at the end of this one.

i've been looking forward to hitting the reverse grip bench again. I'm only using it as an accessory movement but it's nice to be doing them again.

thanks my friend. hopefully i can give back a little by opening up my thread to anyone that would like my help.


Damned awesome benching Meat. Just thought I would get in on this thread early. Very glad you decided to continue this.


coming from a beast like you, that means a lot.


Meat, big fan of your old thread. Looking forward to this one, too.

That being said, I think if you just post the URL (youtube.com/etc) of your videos instead of the "share" link, it should actually embed the video.


I'm gonna x2 this in case you had any second guesses about continuing this.

Ton of people read this thread, it's good for the board as a whole too.

Thanks for sharing with us Meat.


Subscribing to the awesomeness. Thanks for all you share Meat!

Also regarding rev band work, how do you feel it translates over to raw lifting in comparison to geared?


MM, I PM'd this to you on Monday, but I just want to reiterate in the new thread how inspirational AND instructional this journal is to someone like me that's getting back into the gym after years away.

Question: At one point you were working on the standards set out by Wendler/Carter in "What Constitutes Strong." I know you met and exceeded the Press 315 X 1 mark, but I haven't seen you mention weighted dips/chins or squats/pulls for max reps in a while. Are you still chasing those numbers at all?


Just wanted to say your pressing advice helped me finally get a 225 strict press.


thanks for the kind words and heads up.


Thanks for stopping in beans and the kind words.


thanks again for that PM.

I was really into hitting those standards awhile back but chasing them ended up actually hurting my 1 RM on those lifts. I've found that i can get strong at reps or get strong at a 1RM. i really can't do both. since i train to compete, i went back to working on my 1RM strength.


thanks DD. i'm glad i could help you achieve that goal.


Just realized your old thread filled up. What a noob I am!

I have a quick question. I noticed that you have been deadlifting twice a week, with one day being ME and other being a DE. Have you found that to work? My meet in August is only push/pull and I was thinking about substituting DE deadlift for my squat for the last cycle. Thanks!


it's actually been working really well. in the past i would be totally gased after doing a few working sets on my deadlift day. having the second light day has really increased my work capacity. i also do conditioning work after the light day and that has really helped as well. Now on my heavy day i can really push myself and after the session i don't feel nearly as torn up. unfortunately i can't squat heavy doing this though. that would just be too much for me. it's all a balancing act.


light deadlift- tonight i decided to do a simple circuit to keep everyone from just standing around during the speed pulls. we now have 6 guys training together and that can lead to a lot of standing around. we did speed pulls against bands and then went right to zercher squats. i was also sure to do 90lb strict dumbell curls right before every zercher squat set just to debunk any myths.

speed pulls against medium bands- 325lbs of bar weight, zercher squats - 185lbs using the buffalo bar.

3 reps x 6 sets- 5 reps x 6 sets

*zercher squats were done ATG, paused at bottom with the bar on the top of the thighs.

conditioning work- we did a circuit of 10 tire flips then went right to the prowler push to the end of the complex and back. then we finished with farmer's walks to end of the complex and back.

we did that twice... it was hot as hell in the gym and outside.


thanks! I am going to cut out my squats for this last cycle before my meet (only a push/pull) and add the DE deadlifts.


cool... i would throw in some sort of quad work though. like tonight i did the zercher squats as part of a circuit after the speed pulls. just keep the weight light.