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Ridiculous Teacher Suspension


Teacher questioned by cops and suspended for 'rattling a table' after 14-year-old schoolgirl calls 911
A maths teacher was questioned by police when a 14-year-old schoolgirl called 911 from her phone after he rattled a desk to get the classâ??s attention.

The school decided to suspend John Haynes over the incident, even though when police arrived the class was still in session with no signs of a disturbance.

The shakedown took place at Selby Lane School in prestigious Atherton near Santa Monica in California â?? one of the most expensive zip codes in the country.
Shaking: The 8th grade girl called cops after her maths teacher rattled a table at posh Selby Lane School in Atherton, California

Shaking: The 8th grade girl called cops after her maths teacher rattled a table at posh Selby Lane School in Atherton, California

According to police, the teacher was trying to get the attention of his student and shook a table in an attempt to gain some order.

A girl in the eighth-grade class was supposedly so startled by the incident, she left the room and dialled 911.

Covering in the girls bathroom the girl dialled 911 from a friend's phone, because hers had run out of batteries.

On the call, she claimed Mr Haynes had been throwing tables and was 'calling us motherf****** and little s****'.
Atherton, were Stanford church stands, is one of the most expensive places in America to live. The average house costs an enormous $4million

Atherton, were Stanford church stands, is one of the most expensive places in America to live. The average house costs an enormous $4million

The dispatcher attempts to calm the girl down, who also explains that 20 students are still in the classroom.

When asked why he had gone so crazy, the girl answers 'because we couldn't answer the [maths] problems.'

During the 15 minute call, while police rushed to the school, the girl can be heard crying, saying 'I'm just scared' - refusing to return to the classroom or leave the bathroom and meet officers who were by then at the front gates.

The dispatcher replied: 'Think happy thoughts'.

Other students can be heard entering the bathroom, with the dispatcher asking the girl to quieten them down. But she refuses, worried that they will tell Mr Haynes where she has been hiding.

Local police in the town were at the scene in a matter of minutes on Tuesday afternoon, entering the classroom, to find a room full of student and a calm teacher.
Famous resident: Eric Schmidt and his wife Wendy, reside in the exclusive neighbourhood

Famous resident: Eric Schmidt and his wife Wendy, reside in the exclusive neighbourhood

Sergeant Tim Lynch of the Atherton police said other students in the class were unconcerned by the teacherâ??s rattling.

But the Redwood City School District was so worried by the incident it suspended the teacher â?? on paid administrative leave â?? and said it would be speaking to him, the girl and her parents.

Atherton came second in Forbesâ??s list of the most expensive zip codes to live in in the country.

The average cost of a house in the 94027 code is a staggering $4,010,200, just short of the number one spot in Duarte, California, where the average house price is $4,276,462.

Residents, where the average wage is nearly $200,000 a year, include Google CEO Eric Schmit and Republican nominee for California Governor, Meg Whitman.[/i]

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-1362304/Teacher-questioned-cops-suspended-rattling-table-14-year-old-schoolgirl-calls-911.html#ixzz1FXa8aDkF

The fuck is going on in America? Are the kids running the schools now?


It's the whole world, people are too tame and content in their little bubbles. The fact that a teacher would be punished if a kid even made a joke about that teacher doing something inappropriate is horrible. Children should be raised to fear the consequences of all their actions and not just the consequences that will fall on them.


What a brat.

Hopefully she is charged with filing a false police report or something like that. And hopefully the judge isn't intimidated by her rich parents and makes the little snot do some community service.


Looks like some bullshit to me.

PS Is this where someone points out the need for a teachers union? :wink:


Hell yes.

I would get an ass beating if I misbehaved in school or didn't do my homework. Pretty good incentive to learn some fucking respect.


I also find it hard to believe that anything bad could possibly happen in a place where houses are very expensive...I mean c'mon, just think about it.


He's on paid leave. I don't think there will be any serious consequences for him. The girl just made a fool out of herself.


What the hell is a "maths teacher?" My wife is a Math teacher. Would she get paid more if she got certified in Maths instead of just Math?


Its California the land of drama Queens and fantasy land.

PS Does NOT represent all of America


The only thing worse than that girl calling 911 is the authors writing. And the fact that it reads (horribly) like an advertisement to get rich people to come to their neighbourhood, doesn't help either. How many times did it say that it was the "richest" or second "richest" zip code in America?


We called it Maths in school too, back in SA. Such a big deal?


What I find odd is that with the average income being 200 grand, how the fuck can these people buy 4 million dollar homes??


This is some ole bullshit.


Back in grade the seventh, I believe, our teacher was getting pretty frustrated with us. We were being little pricks. So, he says the next person that says anything will be thrown in the hallway. Well, everyone shut up...except me. 'Cool', is what I said. This was followed promptly by the teach firing over to my desk, picking me up out of it and, yes, throwing me into the hallway.

When the vice-principal came around and asked me why I was in the hall, I said 'because I said cool'. I knew it was my fault for me being in the hallway.

These kids were probably pissing around, like all kids do, and this teacher made a little noise to get their attention. All these little rich motherfuckers should be sent to Kenya to go to school for a year. Or, you know, "cleaned up".


Back in the 10th grade, I had a Math teacher with a serious reputation for not taking any shit. He was nearing retirement and was teaching in the golden age when teachers still could drop the hammer on a student just for kicks. At the end of every year (to the best of my knowledge this had been going on for years), he had an open vote as to which student was the most deserving of a beating. The only rule was that he always got the first shot, and it was always with a meter stick. After that it as fair game (within reason, obviously he wasn't letting a kid go home with visible injuries) for any and all students.

The best moment ever was when a student who had been beaten in the past came back to redeem himself. He walked into the room with a meter stick and threw down the challenge. The meter stick was promptly grabbed him from his hand and broken over his legs.

Now you tell me, is that unforgivable?


sounds awesome


I think everyone needs more pie nand less money.

Correction* I think idiots like the ones in the post need less pie and even less money.


High school, my history teacher told a guy to shut it or she would hit him with her book. He didnt listen, so she walked up behind him and smacked him over the head with her teachers edition.

I remember it like it was yesterday, we had the fear of the Lord put in us that day


Because they usually own businesses and stock. Most rich people don't really get paid high incomes, but they make a lot of money. Look at Warren Buffet, makes 10k a month, one of the richest men in the world.


American schools are actually run by Mexican drug cartel's... haven't you heard?