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Ridiculous Statements

so i was reading up on Carbolin 19 today and i remember seeing someone post about their experience that they had gained muscle, gained weight, put on no fat, but their body composition had stayed the same.

this is a ridiculous statement. here's why: say you weigh 10lbs, 9 of it muscle and 1 of it fat. now, lets say you gain muscle- say 10lbs, just to make things easy. 10lbs of muscle also = 10lbs of "weight" obviously. youve put on no fat, because were saying straight 10lbs muscle gain here. but your body composition certainly has changed, going from 10% fat at 9lbs muscle, 1lb fat to 5% fat at 19lbs of muscle, while maintaining that 1lb of fat.

anyway- lets get a thread going about some ridiculous statements, just for fun, that weve come across here, because god knows they are all over...and yea, with that in mind lets keep this thread at the "best of the best" as far as ridiculous statements, because if we just threw mildly ridiculous statements on here, this would easily be 10 pages long before this night is over.

have fun!


"Remember, nine out of 10 major skiing injuries happen on the last run of the day."

(Nick Murray) I had to put my entire ski-gloved fist into my mouth to keep from laughing, because I knew if I started, I'd never stop. That was the single silliest statistic I'd ever heard in my life! Hell, I thought, ALL major skiing injuries happen on the last run of the day. Even at 8:00 in the morning, if they're taking you down off the mountain on a stretcher ... brother, that was your last run of the day!


A guy at the gym yesterday asked his 150lb personal trainer if there was any chest exercises he could do without using his arms as he wanted to get a big chest but didnt want to use his arms due to fear from a previous shoulder injury.


funny stuff, but it appears i wasnt clear. my intention with this thread is to have a nice little gathering of ridiculous things people say ON THESE FORUMS. believe it or not the thing i posted about muscular weight, with no fat gain, came from someone on this website...

and again, i must stress that in no way do i intend on starting any wars here, just light hearted fun....im looking for things that are on par with something i "may or may not have said regarding co-vert ops"....yea....if you know what im talking about, you get the point.

have fun!


100% of all marriages end in divorce or death.


Professional bodybuilders are weak.


Check out some of the stuff being said on the Powerful Image or Disgrace thread. Lots of stuff there.


Have you tried putting "Professor X" in the search engine?


[center][b]Trivia question: Which troll?[/b][/center]


XcelticX that fucking tool.

Anyway, a classic statement from a trainer at my gym "Its not lifting weights that gets you cut, its stretching. Always stretch inbetween sets." It just so happened he had the guy on the pec dec.


i agree, this does SOUND ridiculous, or perhaps its just ridiculous that someone would say it, but it is still perfectly true


I just keep checking this thread to make sure I;m not on it...


What about annulments?


hmmm. fuzzy. my parents got divorced, then my mom looked into an annulment. on the other hand, britney spears (HOT! or used to be...) got married at like 3am and might have gotten an annulment couple days later? or at least thats how it was reported. not sure if there was a quicky divorce in there first though. point being im fuzzy on whether or not you must divorce before you can get an annulment. also, i know in the catholic faith the church must ok the annulment, and they ask some very ridiculously personal questions...my point there is im not sure how the annulment ties in with church and state, or overall, i just dont know shit about annulments...but i think you have proven that statement, and my comment about that statement to be false nonetheless.

so i was wrong...but damn even being proved wrong about something stupid on this site is much more fun than reading the typical posts on T-Nation as of lately. i swear to god, i cant even get replies to questions on simple training shit anymore.

lets find some more ridiculous posts!


Doesn't an annulment sort of "wipe out" the marriage -- like it never happened? I always thought that an annulment was like a "do-over".

I call one do-over and no take-backs.


this whole thread is rediculous


I think technically an annulment means that there never was a marriage in the first place, meaning it is still true that 100% of all marriages end in either divorce or death.