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Ridiculous Ratios and Growth


I am 15 years old 5'8 at 142 lbs, working out for 6 months. Went on Mark Rippetoe's 5x5/3x5 for 4 months. Duing the past two workouts, I hit my plateau for everything, DL(185 lbs), Squat(220 lbs) and BENCH(125 LBS). Personally I am really depressed that after 4 months of Mark Rippetoe, my bench is at 125 lbs... Is this normal that my squat/bench ratio is so farcical? I am planning to move on a Heavy/Light/Medium day workout like Mad Cow because I have deloaded 4-5 times without increasing any weight. Please give me advices on how I can focus on increasing my bench asap. Your help could rescue my passion from the edge of capitulating to failure.


Exactly what did you eat yesterday?

Either you're not squatting deep enough or you're scared of going heavy on deadlifts.


You haven't given your starting weight but chances are you aren't eating anywhere near enough.


More food. Problem solved.


so if i eat a lot the day before my next workout, i will be able to get past my plateau? I've deloaded about 4 times on 3x5 and if i eat more i don't have to move to another routine? I know food is important but can it help you THAT much?


The OP is my gym partner, and just so you all know, he does go deep enough on squat, the reason his deadlift is so low is because his lower back rounds and any higher than like 185 and it rounds, and I've noticed he doesn't tuck his elbows when he benches, they're flared, SOMEONE GET IT THROUGH HIS HEAD BECAUSE HE DOESN'T LISTEN TO MEEEEE. Oh and he needs to eat more, I know it.


Yeah it helps that much, without energy from the fats and carbs from food, you can't do shittttttt


Every post in response to yours is about your diet.

Not one is about your program.

What does that tell you?


but how did all of you discern that I don't take in enough food except for XArena?? o.O


Well why don't you post your diet if you don't think that's the case? What did you eat yesterday?

Plus, you're only 15. You're doing well for your age. You are fretting over nothing. You've got many years ahead of you. Don't worry about strength ratios, just work on improving your strength on every lift.


OP listen to this guy! 'Cause yah don't listen to me


truthfully and shamefully I don't exactly remember eating alot any day... lol i guess i just didn't realize the importance of food. I will make a training log and see how food can help me. how much should i seriously take in everyday?


around 4000 cals bruh


a good meal will give you more energy than any pre-workout formula. anyone here will guarantee it.

go watch some vids by rippetoe, elitefts or anyone who has put up big numbers. they didn't get there by accident and they will have very good insight on technique.

and you're supposed to eat a lot all the time, not just before working out...


McLovin's been hitting the gym!


I thought it was Elvis Costello!


Let's start by making this easy. At a minimum, get in 2500 calories. Don't worry about counting or anything. Just have an idea in your head...make sure it's more than 2500. Eat 4 or more meals throughout the day. With each meal, make sure you get in a

Protein Source: chicken, beef, fish, whey...etc.
Carb Source: rice, potato, oatmeal, rice cakes, etc.
Fat Source: olive oil, coconut oil, walnuts, nut butter, etc.

Try to cut things like fruit juice, soda, or anything with alot of sugar. Try to stick to fruit for your desserts and eat as much veggies as you like.

Where do you think the energy to build muscle and increase strength comes from???



I hit it every now and then, I'm pretty proud of myself and my stats actually :stuck_out_tongue:


Alright thanks guy. I've started a training log and see how I will conquer my strength conundrum using men's favorite subject-food. Guess I overlooked it too much..


Muscle is made out of food (protein specifically). If you don't eat enough you can't build more muscle.

Carbs are your body's fuel. If you take a car to a race with no fuel what will happen? you'll lose.

If i could go back in time and tell my teenage self one thing, it would be EAT MORE. You'll be stronger and taller as a result of good nutrition.